'Skylin3s' Trailer: The Wild Sci-Fi Trilogy Comes To An End

Who knew, when the science fiction disaster film Skyline was released in 2010, that it would spawn a series that spanned a decade, to end with the appropriately and hilariously titled third film Skylin3s? Probably not many people, because most people probably don't remember that the Skyline series exists. But here's the new trailer for the latest (and final) film. Watch the Skylin3s trailer below.

Skylin3s Trailer

Vertical Entertainment has released an official trailer for sci-fi action sequel Skylin3s (AKA Skyline 3), from writer-director Liam O'Donnell, a producer/screenwriter (who co-wrote the original Skyline) and visual effects consultant for Hydraulx, who made his directorial debut with the previous sequel Beyond Skyline. O'Donnell also wrote the screenplay, based on characters created by Joshua Cordes. The second (surprisingly impressive-looking) 2017 film starred Frank Grillo and  The Raid 2's Iko Uwais, so could Skylin3s do even better?

Skylin3s picks up long after the alien invasion that begain in 2010's Skyline, and a few years after humanity fought back in Beyond Skyline. Now in Skylin3s, the third and final installment of the sci-fi franchise, an elite team endeavors to save what's left of humanity. Led by Lindsey MorganJonathan HowardAlexander Siddig, and Rhona Mitra, the team goes on a final mission on the aliens' home planet after a virus threatens to turn the now-peaceful Earth-dwelling alien hybrids against humans.

I can't pretend I know much about this series, having forgotten it existed until this trailer came out. But the VFX by Hydraulx looks as great as ever, and they did manage to score Alexander Siddig, which is neat. But for fans of the Skyline series, this looks to be a satisfying ending.

Here is the synopsis for Skylin3s:

Several years have now passed since other-worldly blue lights first descended from the skies as the alien invasion of Earth began.The once-killer extraterrestrials known as 'Pilots' have had their biology altered so they can now peacefully coexist with humans on a ravaged future-Earth. When a lethal new alien virus emerges, military commander General Radford (Alexander Siddig) warns that without action the Pilots will revert to their unstoppable, human-hunting form. To save Earth, super-powered human-alien hybrid Captain Rose Corley (Lindsey Morgan) leads a team of elite soldiers on a deadly mission beyond the far reaches of space to the alien planet known as Cobalt 1. This time, to save our world, we must invade theirs.

Skylin3s is premiering at the virtual FrightFest Film Festival  this month. Vertical Entertainment will then release Skylin3s sometime later this year.