'Pennyworth' Season 2 Trailer: Batman's Eventual Butler Looks For A Change Of Scenery

As you wait for Matt Reeves' The Batman to finally swoop into theaters in 2022, Epix is hoping you'll take the time to catch up with Pennyworth, the show that chronicles the pre-Batman adventures of Alfred, the eventual Wayne family butler. Check out the season 2 trailer, learn about the additional casting that's been made for the new season, and find out what the rollout plan is for the forthcoming episodes below.

Pennyworth Season 2 Trailer

I'm not going to pretend to be a Pennyworth fan. I've never seen an episode, but I've read that some crazy stuff went down in the season one finale. As alluded to in this trailer, Alfred (Jack Bannon) – or "Alfie," as he's referred to in this show – killed his own father to prevent his dad from assassinating the Queen of England. But that's not all: Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) was shot, and the season ended with the villainous Lord Harwood (Jason Flemyng) being locked away in the Tower of London.

But much in the same way that Batman villains are always seeming to find ways to break out of Arkham Asylum, Lord Harwood breaks out of the Tower of London in season 2 and cause chaos in England. That's why it's good that Alfie will have a little extra help this season in the form of Lucius Fox, played by Simon Manyonda from HBO's His Dark Materials. Here's a description of the character from an official press release:

Lucius Fox is a young American scientist, precise to the point of pedantry, deliberately calm, honest, and direct to a fault; he suffers no fools gladly. His friends would say he's a man of conscience; his enemies would say he's judgmental and dogmatic. An integral part of the DC universe, this marks his introduction to the Wayne family.

Also joining the action is Melanie Troy, played by Jessica de Gouw from The Hunting.

Melanie Troyis a military orphan, who became a woman of the world far too young. She married a dominating older man, but with her wry intelligence and a sardonic sense of humor, she's no submissive and gives as good as she gets. Introduced to Alfie as the wife of his former SAS Captain, the two kindred spirits have an immediate connection.

James Purefoy (The Following), Edward Hogg (Taboo), Jessye Romero (Curfew), Ramon Tikaram (Brassic), and Harriet Slater (Faunutland and the Lost Magic) also join the cast as series regulars in season 2.

As for the release plans for Pennyworth season 2, the new season is set to premiere on Epix on December 13, another episode follows on December 20, and the two-part mid-season finale airs on December 27, 2020. The remaining six episodes will premiere sometime in 2021, but the exact dates for those have yet to be revealed.