'Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious' Panel Unleashes A New 'Daleks!' Trailer And Clip Ahead Of November Release Date [NYCC]

Dalekmania is back in full force, and this time, the fans are the ones behind the helm. The famous foes from Doctor Who are getting their own animated series. For New York Comic-Con, Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious producer James Goss was joined by Daleks! voice actors Joe Sugg, Nicholas Briggs, and Ayesha Antoine to preview the upcoming animated series Daleks!, which will premiere this November on the Doctor Who YouTube channel for free.

Daleks Trailer

We've only ever met the Daleks from the point of view of their greatest enemy, the Doctor, so what would it be like to follow a series centered on Daleks that may actually — gasp — make you root for them? That's the conceit of Daleks!, a new five-episode animated series that is set to debut on the Doctor Who YouTube channel on November 12.

"The Daleks become aware of what's wrong with time and their first attempts to solve that problem, which goes horribly wrong," producer James Goss, who penned the animated series, said at the Time Lord Victorious NYCC panel. "The animation is basically about the Daleks making a terrible error and ending up on the run, so you might actually for the first time end up rooting for the Daleks."

The series heavily features longtime Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs, a legend in the Doctor Who franchise who has both acted in and produced Doctor Who audio dramas, who plays every Dalek character in the series.

"The interesting thing about this series is sometimes the Daleks is treated like a wall of monsters that come at you, but what James Goss has done with this script is he's written all the main Dalek characters as characters," Briggs said. "There's the Dalek Emperor who's very high and mighty, there's the Strategist who's ancient and a little bit conniving, there's the Scientist who's very, very pedantic, and the executioner who's completely mad. So you can expect the Daleks to come up against a lot of challenges and biting off more than they can chew."

The series will feature the return of "Doctor Who's most underappreciated monsters, the Mechanoids," Goss confirmed. "We're sort of bringing the 1960s back to life."

The Time Lord Victorious adventure spans audio, novels, comics, vinyl, digital, immersive theatre, escape rooms and games, and even features the return of David Tennant as the fan-favorite Tenth Doctor in an audio drama. It's an incredible sprawling experience created by BBC's Doctor Who licensees Big Fish, Titan Comics, and Penguin Random House that could be a tad intimidating to casual Doctor Who fans, but that is the demographic that producer James Goss is catering to.

"The easiest way to describe Time Lord Victorious is it's kind of like a Doctor Who festival," producer James Goss said. "So just like a festival you should be standing in the middle of it going, there's so much to choose from!"

Daleks! will be available to watch for free on Doctor Who YouTube channel starting November 12, 2020.