Super Nintendo World To Open At Universal Studios Japan In Spring 2021

It's-a-me, your resident theme park news updater to tell you that Universal Studios Japan's highly anticipated Super Nintendo World expansion has set an opening date window. After years of setbacks and delays, the Super Nintendo World opening has finally been set for spring 2021.

After original plans to open earlier this summer were put on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Universal Studios Japan has set the official opening window for its Super Nintendo World expansion for this coming spring. But before that, the theme park will be opening the Mario Cafe and adjoining merchandise store in the Hollywood area on October 16.

The "Schwab's Pharmacy" and "The Darkroom" facades in the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Japan will be transformed into a cafe and shop, respectively, with the exteriors of the shops remodeled to feature the red and green motifs, and iconic caps, of Mario and Luigi. The shop, which will feature plenty of mushrooms, blocks, and pipes from the video games, will be dedicated to Mario-themed treats and merchandise starting October 16.

You can see the concept art for the Mario Cafe below.

The old-school diner look matches the Mario theme, which is already pretty nostalgic, as the beloved Super Mario video game franchise has been around since 1985. At this point, Mario is a cultural pillar of Japan, and it's about time that the mushroom-eating, world-saving plumber got a theme park and cafe dedicated to him.

The Mario treats and drinks include the Mario Strawberry Cream Soda, Luigi Green Apple Cream Soda, Princess Peach Cream Soda, Mario's Hat Pancake Sandwich (Strawberry Shortcake, pictured above), Luigi's Hat Pancake Sandwich (Grape & Rare Cheesecake), and a Super Mushroom Sipper. Cute merchandise like Mario-themed t-shirts, couch cushions, pouch sets, coin purses, and keychains will also be on sale. You can see more photos here.

Super Nintendo World was initially planned to open in time for the Tokyo Olympics, which were supposed to kick off on July 24, 2020. But in late March, the Olympics were pushed back to the summer of 2021, removing some of the perceived urgency for the new land to open in that window. Construction of Super Nintendo World, including the attractions and restaurants, evidently cost around $560 million. Two new attractions will be introduced at Super Nintendo World including a Mario Kart ride and a slower Yoshi omnimover. Other features include wearable techaugmented reality binoculars, and more.

The Super Nintendo World expansion is set to open at Universal Studios Japan in spring 2021.