Exclusive 'The Wolf Of Snow Hollow' Clip: A Small-Town Sheriff Hunts For A Werewolf

Jim Cummings' microbudget indie comedy Thunder Road won the Grand Jury prize at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival and since then, lots of movie fans have been wondering what he would do next. The filmmaker-actor managed to nab Oscar nominee Robert Forster for his follow-up film, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, and sadly, it would turn out to be Forster's final feature film role. The Wolf of Snow Hollow makes its premiere in select theaters and VOD this week, and /Film is debuting an exclusive clip from the horror-comedy.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow Clip

In the exclusive The Wolf of Snow Hollow clip debuted by /Film, Cummings – who stars as a blustering small-town sheriff – is called when a wolf attacks a teen couple making out in their parked car. But it looks like he gets the call too late, as the wolf rams into the car and drags both of them out, screaming.

Written, directed, and starring Cummings, The Wolf of Snow Hollow follows a small-town sheriff who is tasked with solving a series of brutal murders that all occur during the full moon. Convinced that the murders have been committed by a man, even as the rest of the town suspects it's a wolf, the sheriff stumbles through the investigation and his own personal life problems. Also starring in the film are Robert Forster, in his final feature role, along with Riki Lindhome, Chloe East, and Jimmy Tatro.

The film premiered to critics last week and has earned praise from critics like Kingcast co-host Scott Wampler, who compared The Wolf of Snow Hollow to An American Werewolf in London. "Wall-to-wall strong performances (everyone's good but Cumming's the standout), strong werewolf attack sequences, a fun mystery satisfyingly resolved," Wampler tweeted.

Rotten Tomatoes' Simon Thompson also had praise for the movie, calling it "flawless riot of a movie from start to finish."

Nerdist praised the film too, with Rosie Knight calling it in her review, "a wintry noir horror" and "a surprising and snow-covered chiller to add to your watchlist."

Here is the synopsis for The Wolf of Snow Hollow:

The film follows a small-town sheriff, struggling with a failed marriage, a rebellious daughter, and a lackluster department, is tasked with solving a series of brutal murders that are occurring on the full moon. As he's consumed by the hunt for the killer, he struggles to remind himself that there's no such thing as werewolves...

The Wolf of Snow Hollow hits in theaters and on demand on October 9, 2020.