'Echo Boomers' Trailer: A Debt-Ridden College Graduate Turns To A Life Of Crime

Okay, Echo Boomers, are you ready to watch this trailer? This is a real movie, I promise, and it's really called Echo Boomers, because I guess that was the best thing they could think of. In this film from director Seth Savoy, a college graduate in debt gets together with some friends to rob from the wealthy. This actually isn't a bad idea for a movie, all things considered. It's certainly timely! But it's just a tad difficult to get excited for a movie called Echo Boomers.

Echo Boomers Trailer

I don't want to get off on a rant here, but millennials are fucked. The boomers before them royally screwed things up and now we're dealing with the fallout, and it ain't pretty. So all of that makes Echo Boomers a movie that seems right for this particular moment. In this action-thriller, "A recent college graduate Lance Zutterland (Patrick Schwarzenegger) leaves school in debt, realizing everything he had worked towards was built on a lie. When he is pulled into a criminal underground operation, he finds his peers fighting the system by stealing from the rich and giving to... themselves. With nothing to lose, they leave behind a trail of destruction but with the cops closing in, tensions mount and Lance soon discovers he is in over his head with no way out."

And you know things are serious because this trailer opens with an off-camera reporter saying: "In economic news today, many millennials are still struggling financially!" Wow, that doesn't sound like a real news story at all, Echo Boomers, but I'll play your game...for now. From there it becomes clear that this movie will be told in flashback form, with Lesley Ann Warren playing a reporter trying to get the "real story" about what went down with those wacky echo boomers. From there we see the protagonist, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, falling in with the wrong crowd. A gang of mask-wearing goons break into wealthy homes, steal a bunch of stuff, wreck shit, and then deliver it all to Michael Shannon. And hey, at least Michael Shannon looks like he's having fun.

Echo Boomers stars Patrick Schwarzenegger, Gilles Geary, Hayley Law, Jacob AlexanderOliver Cooper, Kate Linder, Lesley Ann Warren, Alex Pettyfer, and Michael Shannon. Seth Savoy directs from a script by Kevin Bernhardt, Jason Miller, and Seth Savoy. Look for the movie in theaters, on demand, and digital November 13, 2020.