'Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch' Tabletop Role-Playing Game Takes You Deep Into The Woods

The mystery of The Blair Witch Project is maybe one left buried deep in the Black Hills Forest, but you'll get a chance to return to those dark woods and investigate the mystery of the titular witch with the new Hunt a  Killer Horror: Blair Witch tabletop game. Hunt a Killer, the makers of the popular mystery, sci-fi, and horror-themed role-playing games, are debuting a Blair Witch tabletop game, just in time for spooky season.

Hunt a Killer announced that it is releasing a new tabletop role-playing game titled Hunt a Killer Horror: Blair Witch, which will allow players to "discover the frightening history of the Blair Witch for themselves." The game, released in partnership with Lionsgate, is the first time Hunt a Killer is partnering with an entertainment company on a storyline, which incorporates the Blair Witch universe into their line of horror-themed games. The game will be part of Hunt A Killer's subscription-based offerings, granting players the opportunity to become members in their gaming community.

Here is the synopsis for Hunt a Killer Horror: Blair Witch:

In this new season, players become detectives to solve a missing persons case near the infamous Black Hills Forest. The storyline begins with an introduction to Rosemary Kent, a woman who lives near the edge of the forest and is looking for help to find her missing son. Over the course of six boxed episodes, players will investigate the mysterious woods and learn about any disappearances, while finding out more about the powerful forces that reside there. From there they must piece together the clues, face the horror of the Blair Witch and those who serve her, and find out if they can survive the woods.

Each month, members will receive a new boxed episode, which they must work to unfold by solving a variety of cryptic documents, audio recordings, and puzzles. At the end of the season, the clues will help players solve the case. Players will also have access to resources and the Hunt a Killer private Facebook community to ask for tips and play alongside others. Hopefully, players will end up with a better fate than the people in the Blair Witch movies.

"We are excited to share this new season with our Members and the fans of the Blair Witch films," Ryan Hogan, CEO and Co-Founder of Hunt A Killer, said in a statement. "Lionsgate is a great partner for us, and the hair-raising story we have created together is sure to provide the perfect immersive experience for a thrilling game night with friends or family."

Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch officially releases October 1, 2020 just in time for Halloween. For more information and to order visit huntakiller.com/horror. See the game below.