'One Day Die': 'Saw' Veteran Darren Lynn Bousman Launches An Interactive Séance Experience

Séances seem to be all the rage right now – heck, Team /Film just participated in one with the cast and crew of Host, the recent movie about what happens when a séance goes bad. Now Darren Lynn Bousman, who has directed multiple Saw movies and spent years developing several immersive experiences, invites you to participate in an interactive séance experience called One Day Die.

He and his team will mail you a box of items, which you're not allowed to open until they give permission – just make sure there are no kids around, because this sounds like a pretty intense, R-rated experience. Check out a brief trailer and get more details below.

One Day Die Trailer

Bousman, who is directing the upcoming Spiral: From the Book of Saw and previously helmed Repo! The Genetic Opera, has spent a lot of time and energy developing immersive experiences over the past several years. Now he's teaming up with Blake Vogt, who has created custom magic for people like David Copperfield and David Blaine; Daniel Garcia, a creative consultant in the magic industry; and Joshua Ryan Dietz, who co-created a remote experience called iConfidant alongside Bousman.

Described as a contained and interactive "guided séance experience," One Day Die lasts roughly an hour and a half. Tickets are sold out through October 22 as of this writing, but there are more slots available in late October for those who want to participate. After securing your tickets, you'll be mailed a carefully curated package of items that absolutely cannot be opened until your experience begins. "Do not open, or tamper with your box when it arrives," the website reads. "Many of you pride yourselves on your wit, and cleverness; heed this warning: however intelligent and sprightly you view yourself, you are not. We will know. If the parcel has been opened prior to our rendezvous, you will be banished from the proceeding ceremony."

So what's in the box? That's a mystery for now, but there's one thing we know for certain: no children should be around when you begin your session. "This show might not be appropriate for adults," the website says. "There is a 100% chance that some of you will refuse to do some of the things the séance will demand. This is an 18 and up experience, so it's best to keep your kids and pets away from this experience...If you let yourself fall under the spell of this experience, if you approach with an open mind and allow yourself to take part in the narrative, this will absolutely be a scary experience. We are dealing with heavy adult themes, graphic imagery, occult subject matter, violence, ritualistic magic, branching narratives, death, paranormal events, complex technology, a lil' Satan stuff, blood, animal sacrifice, fire, and whatever weird juju you bring to this thing."

Keep in mind that this is not a passive experience – sitting quietly won't get you very far. "You will be challenged and asked to participate," the site reads. "We require action." You can buy tickets here.