'Run' Teaser: Sarah Paulson Thriller From 'Searching' Director Aneesh Chaganty Heads To Hulu In November

Just crown Sarah Paulson the queen of spooky season. The Emmy winning actress is front and center of several horror titles this fall, with Ryan Murphy's flashy One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest prequel Ratched and now with a thriller from Searching director Aneesh Chaganty, coming to Hulu this November. Hulu has released an official teaser for Run, a thriller starring Paulson as an unhinged mother, which unveils the November release date for the former Lionsgate theatrical release. Watch the Run teaser below.

Run Teaser

Director Aneesh Chaganty caught nearly everyone surprise with his sleeper hit Searching, a thriller starring John Cho about a father's search for his missing daughter that took place entirely on computer screens. With that crackling little thriller, Chaganty was catapulted into the pantheon of rising filmmakers to watch. His follow-up looks just as promising: a horror film titled Run starring Sarah Paulson as an unhinged mother terrorizing her wheelchair-bound daughter.

Newcomer Kiera Allen stars as a young daughter who uses a wheelchair (Allen is disabled in real life) whose life is controlled by her oppressive mother (Paulson), who appears to suffer from Munchausen by proxy. But the daughter soon learns that there's more to this world than the one her mother created for her, and must escape and — well — run.

It'll be interesting to see how Chaganty fares in a more traditional form of filmmaking, but judging by the brisk, tense teaser for Run, he seems to be doing just fine without the computer screens. Run was originally scheduled to be released in theaters (falling nicely on Mother's Day weekend), but the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced Lionsgate to pull it from schedules. Hulu acquired the distribution rights to the film in August, and has now set Run for a spooky November release.

Here is the synopsis for Run:

They say you can never escape a mother's love... but for Chloe, that's not a comfort — it's a threat. There's something unnatural, even sinister about the relationship between Chloe (newcomer Kiera Allen) and her mom, Diane (Sarah Paulson). Diane has raised her daughter in total isolation, controlling every move she's made since birth, and there are secrets that Chloe's only beginning to grasp. From the visionary writers, producers and director of the breakout film Searching, comes a suspense thriller that shows that when mom gets a little too close, you need to RUN.

Run premieres exclusively on Hulu on November 20, 2020.