'The Empire Strikes Back' Returning To Theaters For 40th Anniversary

There's an on-going debate as to whether or not movie theaters are safe right now, so anytime there's an announcement about something "coming to theaters," it's accompanied by a pang of uncertainty. So please take this news with caution: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is returning to theaters. And I'm not talking about drive-in theaters, but actual, indoor movie theaters. The re-release is to honor the movie's big 40th anniversary.

The movie industry continues to not really know what the hell to do about our current situation. Certain movie theaters in certain states are open, but there's a real uncertainty at play here. Are movie theaters safe? Many experts say no, not at all. And yet, here we are, relaying the news that Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is headed back to theaters to mark the film's 40th anniversary. You can find locations here.

Considered by many to be the best Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980, and tracks the continuing adventures of Luke Skywalker and all his pals as they rage against the machine. This isn't the first time Empire has been put back on the big screen. Hell, it isn't even the first time this year – Regal has been playing the film along with several other movies in attempts to draw audiences back.

If you want to risk heading back to theaters to check this out, the screenings will begin on September 24, 2020. If not, a 4K version is streaming on Disney+.