'The Murders At White House Farm' Trailer: The Story Of One Of Britain's Most Brutal Murders

In 1985, near the village of Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex, England, a family of five was brutally murdered at White House Farm. At first, it looked like a murder-suicide situation – but then suspicion turned to another, still-living member of the family. The Murders at White House Farm dramatizes the story, drawing on "extensive research, interviews and published accounts."

The Murders at White House Farm Trailer

On the night of August 6, leading into August 7, 1985, Nevill and June Bamber were murdered in their farmhouse, along with their adopted daughter, Sheila Caffell, and Sheila's six-year-old twin sons, Daniel and Nicholas Caffell. The only surviving member of the immediate family was adopted son Jeremy Bamber, who was 24 at the time, and who claimed to be at home a few miles away when the murders took place.

Shiela had been previously diagnosed with schizophrenia, and the gun used to commit the murders was found in her hand, leading police to believe the event had been a multiple-murder-suicide. However, evidence slowly began to point to Jeremy as the culprit. Now, The Murders at White House Farm takes a look at the case. Here's the synopsis:

An infamous true crime story. Over thirty years ago, three generations of one family were murdered at their isolated farm. Initial evidence pointed the finger at the daughter of the family who had a history of mental illness, however one detective refused to accept this and delved deeper into the investigation. His determination uncovered new evidence that shed suspicion on another family member. This is a dramatized true crime story based on extensive research, interviews and published accounts, looking at the mystery behind what happened that fateful day.

The cast includes Freddie Fox, Mark Addy, Stephen Graham, Gemma Whelan, and Alexa Davies. I'll confess that while I consider myself a bit of a true crime buff, I've never heard of this story – although the "son kills entire family" scenario is eerily similar to the case of Ronald DeFeo Jr., whose murder of his family on Long Island inspired The Amityville Horror.

The Murders at White House Farm premieres on HBO Max on September 24, 2020.