'Tenet' Soundtrack Now Online, Giving You All The Christopher Nolan BWAAAMMM Sounds You Can Handle

If it's a Christopher Nolan movie, there's bound to be a few BWAAAMMMs. Even though Hans Zimmer, the inventor of the BWAAAMMM, isn't handling the score for Nolan's latest, Tenet, the soundtrack still comes loaded with that kind of loud, booming, anxiety-inducing sound. The Tenet soundtrack hails from Ludwig Göransson, and it's pulse-pounding and propulsive – and it's also now online.

Tenet is finally opening in the U.S. – in select theaters. That means the film's soundtrack, composed by Ludwig Göransson, is now online, and you can listen to it in the player above. Having seen Tenet, I can confirm the score is great. It's also very similar to the Hans Zimmer scores of Nolan's other films, so much so that I actually forgot that Hans Zimmer wasn't handling the music this time as I watched the movie.

I'm not saying Ludwig Göransson is unoriginal, or that he's ripping-off Zimmer. I just think there's a very specific sound Nolan likes for his movies, and Göransson accommodated that. And it works exceedingly well. In fact, while I'm a little mixed on the movie itself, I loved every minute of the soundtrack. "I know from watching [Christopher Nolan's] films how savvy he is with music, how much he understands it, but I didn't fully know that he could speak about it almost like a trained musician," Göransson told Deadline. "So, I was blown away by that. And also, just the way that he's open with experimentation, and pushes me to really try out new things, and things that I maybe would think that people want to hold off on."

The composer told Yahoo that "guitars were a big part of the score, with distortion effects and manipulations used to create something entirely unique," adding: "I like to take things that are familiar and sounds that you're familiar with and manipulate them into sounds where you can't really put your finger on what it is...We also used some human sounds, with someone breathing into a microphone very heavily."

And just who is that person breathing into a microphone? Why, it's Christopher Nolan himself. "It was Chris's idea for the antagonist of the movie," Göransson said. "Part of his sound is actually Chris's breath, breathing through a microphone that I manipulated and turned around into these really uncomfortable, raspy sounds."

In addition to the Spotify player above you can also listen to a YouTube playlist for the Tenet soundtrack below.

Tenet Soundtrack