'Criminal' Season 2 Trailer: Kit Harington Gets Interrogated In Netflix Crime Drama

Kit Harington is making his first return to television after wrapping up an eight-season run on Game of Thrones, and this time...he knows something. But he's not letting up on what that something is, in the second season of Criminal, Netflix's British crime procedural. Introduced as a unique international experiment on Netflix, Criminal returns for season 2 with only a U.K. edition, featuring guest stars like Harington, Kunal Nayyar, Sharon Horgan, and Sophie OkonedoWatch the Criminal season 2 trailer below.

Criminal Season 2 Trailer

Criminal launched on Netflix in 2019 with a unique premise and a boatload of buzzy guest-stars. Conceived as an anthology crime procedural that takes place entirely in the interrogation room, the series premiered with three international counterparts: Criminal: France, Criminal: Spain, and Criminal: Germany. It was an interesting experiment, for sure, and led to some great performances by guest stars like David Tennant and Hayley Atwell, but didn't generate the kind of buzz that Netflix probably hoped it would — hence only the U.K. edition coming back for a season 2. Series co-creator Jim Field Smith recently confirmed on Twitter that there are no immediate plans to bring back these other versions, though added that the team behind Criminal would "love to do more of the others."

But Criminal season 2, which promises "four new cases, four new suspects and one room that changes everything,"might be able to get that word-of-mouth going, with Kit Harington making his big return to the small screen as one of the potential criminals being interrogated by the regular cast members Katherine Kelly, Lee Ingleby, Nicholas Pinnock, Mark Stanley, Rochenda Sandall, and Shubham Saraf. He'll be joined by fellow guest stars The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar, Game Night's Sharon Horgan, and Wild Rose's Sophie Okonedo.

"Prepare for bold stories, some surprises, and a completely innovative take on the police procedural," the teaser reads.

Harington is the big draw here, naturally, but through his eight seasons on Game of Thrones, he has yet to prove himself as the kind of dramatic, scenery-chewing actor that this kind of role requires. Though he's not bad in the trailer, restlessly tapping his foot, and looking quite nervous in his sleek, well-tailored suit.

Criminal returns on Netflix on September 16, 2020.

The show is set within the confines of a police interrogation room where London investigators engage in intense games of psychological cat-and-mouse with their suspects to find the answers that they need to solve their cases.