'Hamilton' Was A Huge Hit For Disney+ In July, Surprising No One

Hamilton is one of the biggest Broadway shows ever, so it makes sense that it's also been a big hit on Disney+. The mouse house's streaming service debuted Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical about Alexander Hamilton last month, and according to new data, it was three times bigger than anything streamed on Disney+ competitor Netflix.Variety is reporting that between Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon, Disney+ was the big streaming winner for July. And it's all thanks to Hamilton. According to 7Park Data, which "measures the number of unique users who tune into titles on a daily basis and how long those users spend with titles via audio content recognition," 37% of the research firm's panel of viewers in the U.S. watched Hamilton last month, which is well above the title that came in at number 2 – Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot, which had 14%.

Here's some more info:

The Hamilton audience constituted the largest audience amassed by any one program over the course of one month this year across 7Park's tracking of Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and Apple TV+ (not included: HBO Max and Peacock). For instance, in June no streaming show that 7Park measured even came close to having the same level of audience reception as Hamilton in July. The show that reached the most viewers in 7Park's panel that month, Space Force, was seen by just 8% of all panel viewers.

I can't say this is a big surprise, primarily because Hamilton appears to be infinitely watchable. I've rewatched the nearly three-hour musical five times already, and I'll probably watch it again sometime soon. And I know I'm not alone there. There's just something about the fast-paced musical that makes me want to revisit it over and over again.

Of course, it's worth noting that these are all the findings of 7Park Data, and therefore may not paint a complete picture. Disney is refusing to disclose concrete viewer numbers for Hamilton, and have only admitted that Hamilton was a hit without backing it up with any figures. Still, the 7Park Data strongly suggests that Disney isn't blowing smoking when making such claims. Also worth noting: 7Park's data comes from viewers watching at least two minutes, and mobile viewing (AKA watching stuff on your phone like a crazy person) is not measured.