'Tron' Sequel Moving Forward With Garth Davis Directing Jared Leto

Ten years after Tron: Legacy and 38 years after the first Tron, Disney appears ready to make yet another Tron movie. Garth Davis (Lion) is set to helm the new Tron sequel and Jared Leto will star, and while this will no doubt excite fans who have been clamoring for another Tron flick, I have to ask: are these two choices really the best Disney could do here?

Deadline has the scoop on the new Tron sequel news. There is zero info on what the story will involve – will it be a continuation of Tron: Legacy? Will digital Jeff Bridges come back? Will Olivia Wilde sport that cute pixie-cut wig again? Will Daft Punk lay down some sick beats? Who knows! All we know is that Jared Leto is set to star and Garth Davis is set to direct. Davis is by no means a big blockbuster director, but Deadline says the filmmaker "aggressively pursued the job and his take won over Disney execs in the end." So there you have it, folks: if you just get aggressive with Disney they might throw a million-dollar franchise at you. Give it a try!

The original Tron was released in 1982, and while it was not a hit at all, it garnered a cult following for its video game aesthetics and its trippy visuals. In 2010, Disney returned to the franchise with Tron: Legacy, a film that was visually superior in practically every single way to the first film. Visuals aside, the reaction to Tron: Legacy was somewhat mixed, but the film was still a hit, hauling in  $400 million globally.

Since then there have been rumblings about a sequel but nothing has really gotten very far. And Deadline even adds that "insiders still stress a greenlight has not been given and that it's still in development but Davis' involvement is a push in the right direction," so there's a chance this isn't even going to happen. We shall see.

I thought Tron: Legacy was fine but have never felt the urge to revisit it. I think Davis is a so-so director, and I think Leto has descended into self-parody at this point. So I can't say I find any of this particularly thrilling, but if you've been hoping for a Tron sequel starring Jared Leto, your hopes and dreams might finally be about to pay off. Another random question before we go: will Disney strive to get this into theaters, or will it be destined for Disney+? Stay tuned.