'Superworld', About A World Where Everyone Has Superpowers, Will Reunite Jason Bateman With 'Game Night' Writer Mark Perez

Game Night alumni Jason Bateman and Mark Perez are reuniting for Superworld, based on the Gus Krieger Audible original set in a world where everyone has superpowers except for one man. Bateman will direct the project while Game Night writer Perez will handle the script. And while we're making this an official Game Night reunion, may I please request they bring Rachel McAdams into the fold as well? We all need more Rachel McAdams.THR has the scoop on Superworld, with Warner Bros. distributing, Jason Bateman directing, and Mark Perez handling the script. The film is an adaptation of the audiobook by Gus Krieger (it was released directly to Audible; there's no print version). The story is "set in 2038 where every person on the planet has superpowers, except for one man names Ignatius Lohman. Lohman is stuck in a white-collar job while his father is one of the most powerful people on the planet and leader of defense organization Peerless. But Lohman will get his chance to step up when he is forced to face a corporate overlord whose power is neutralizing anyone with a superpower."

That's a clever premise and could lend itself nicely to a feature film. I thought Game Night was a wonderful surprise – a film I had almost zero expectations about and ended up enjoying immensely. With that in mind, the prospect of Bateman and Perez reuniting for Superworld makes it a project worth following. Bateman and Perez are also working on a Netflix movie starring John Cena, so they clearly have a good working relationship.

Bateman has evolved into a strong director, helming movies like Bad Words and episodes of shows such as Ozark and The Outsider. He tends to favor dark, moodier projects for his directing gigs, so it'll be interesting to see how the tone of Superworld plays out. The concept sounds like it would lend itself perfectly to a comedy, but you never know. Bateman will also produce Superworld with his Aggregate production company, along with David Kanter and Joff Okin of Anonymous Content.