The Best TV Shows And Movies Leaving Netflix In August 2020

Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away. As usual, the streaming service is set to lose some big titles in August, leaving you with just a few measly days (or weeks, in some instances) to catch up before they disappear into digital oblivion. Here's the full list of what's vanishing from the service, including the best movies leaving Netflix in August 2020.

Groundhog Day

Hulu recently released Palm Springs, which uses this film's now-famous time-loop structure as a jumping off point. But since we're still in the middle of quarantine, Groundhog Day itself has taken on new resonance, and watching Bill Murray live through the same day again and again is still a satisfying, hilarious way to spend an evening – even if all your evenings are blurring together.

V For Vendetta

Speaking of resonant movies, James McTeigue's adaptation of the Alan Moore comic book feels more terrifyingly timely with each passing day. Viewed as a warning, as a comic book adaptation, or as a piece of pure entertainment, V For Vendetta packs the same powerful punch it did upon its debut.


Amy Heckerling's adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma just celebrated its 25th anniversary a few days ago, and it managed to be a fascinating modern adaptation while also being a very specific snapshot of a time and place. If you ignored this movie in the '90s (or maybe weren't old enough to see what all the hype was about), now's the time to catch up with this funny, sweet, charming high school classic.


In the early 1990s, it was rare for horror films to address topics of race and class head on. But that's exactly what the original Candyman did, serving up a side of intellectual stimulation with its creepy scares. No wonder a remake is on the way.

The Wicker Man

One of the most unsettling moviegoing experiences of my life was watching The Wicker Man by myself at 1am, not knowing a single thing about it beforehand. As the film slides toward its legendary ending, the growing dread became almost too much to bear. (I'm talking about the original film, not the Nic Cage remake in which he punches a woman in a bear costume. So no, that was not a pun.) If you're like I was and don't know anything about this film, just know that it stars Christopher Lee, and read nothing more about it. Turn it on late at night for a movie-watching experience that's practically guaranteed to make your heart sink.

TV Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix in August 2020

Leaving 8/1/20

Skins: Vol. 1-7

Leaving 8/3/20

Love (2015)

Paranormal Survivor: Season 1-2

Leaving 8/7/20

6 Days

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

St. Agatha

Leaving 8/14/20

Adventures in Public School

Being AP


Leaving 8/18/20

The Incident

Leaving 8/19/20

Some Kind of Beautiful

Leaving 8/20/20

Bad Rap

Leaving 8/21/20

Just Go With It

Leaving 8/23/20


Leaving 8/25/20

Blue Is the Warmest Color

Leaving 8/28/20

Bring It On: Worldwide Showdown

The Wicker Man

Leaving 8/31/20

Bad Boys

Bad Boys II


Child's Play


Failure to Launch

Get Him to the Greek

Groundhog Day

He's Just Not That Into You

Jerry Maguire

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid Part II

The Karate Kid Part III

The Lake House

Life as We Know It

Murder Party

Observe and Report

One Day

Public Enemies

Rugrats Go Wild

School Daze


United 93

V For Vendetta

Valentine's Day