Keanu Reeves Can Now Add Comic Book Writer (And Immortal Warrior) To His Resume

Keanu Reeves has worn many hats in his career: time traveler, assassin, possible real-life vampire. But Reeves' latest gig may be one of his coolest. Reeves is becoming a real-life comic book writer, penning a comic book series for Boom! Studios with co-writer Matt Kindt. The limited 12-issue comic book series, titled BRZRKR, premieres this October and features a lead character that looks a lot like Reeves.

Reeves is making his comic book debut, both behind the page and on the page with the upcoming 12-issue limited series BRZRKR. Co-written with Matt and illustrated by Alessandro VittiBRZRKR is a hyperviolent action series which follows an immortal warrior called the Berzerker who "does dangerous jobs for the U.S. government in exchange for the truth about his existence," according to USA Today, which debuted the first look at the comic book series. You can see the first images from BRZRKR below.

BRZRKR was conceived last year when Reeves met with Boom! about creating material for live-action films. Reeves pitched a "character who was born 80,000 years ago, half man, his father's a war god. It's a little fantasy in reality," Reeves told USA Today. "I had this image in my head of a guy fighting through the ages because of his father's compulsion to violence" but with the pathos of a man "trapped and trying to figure it out."

Boom! Studios was on board, and brought co-writer Kindt and illustrator Vitti onto the series. Reeves has been working with Kindt to write the story virtually, and even with the actor recently flying to Berlin for Matrix 4 rehearsals as the crew wait to resume filming, he's been "Skyping pretty regularly" with his co-writer. "We're excited about what's happening. The story's taking some really interesting twists and turns," Reeves said.

Kindt and Reeves share a fondness for ultraviolence, with Reeves teasing lots of arm-pulling and punches through chests, which the Berzerker can heal from "to a certain extent." To draw these brutal scenes, Vitto has been rewatching Reeves' John Wick movies for research, which probably helps the illustrator craft the lead character — a character the team doesn't exactly confirm is based on Reeves, though it's pretty obvious. But could the likeness mean that Reeves is preparing to bring BRZRKR to the big screen at some point in the future?

"I'd love to play Berzerker!" Reeves said. "It's a really fun story so if it's not me, hopefully someone can play it."

BRZRKR will be released monthly beginning October 7, 2020.