Netflix Reveals Its 10 Most Popular Original Movies, And 'Extraction' Is Still Number One

Netflix has been notoriously stingy when it comes to releasing viewership data, but for the first time, the streaming service has revealed a list of its 10 most popular original movies. The Chris Hemsworth-led action movie Extraction still reigns supreme, but find out where the Sandra Bullock thriller Bird Box, the David Spade comedy The Wrong Missy (yep, that's on there), and more rank on the full list below.

Netflix's 10 Most Popular Original Movies

  • Extraction (2020) – 99 million
  • Bird Box (2018) – 89 million
  • Spenser Confidential (2020) – 85 million
  • 6 Underground (2019) – 83 million
  • Murder Mystery (2019) – 73 million
  • The Irishman (2019) – 64 million
  • Triple Frontier (2019) – 63 million
  • The Wrong Missy (2020) – 59 million
  • The Platform (2019) – 56 million
  • The Perfect Date (2019) – 48 million
  • The streaming service, which produces more movies than any traditional Hollywood studio and already had several major releases banked and ready to go, has thrived during the coronavirus pandemic. "We want an impactful movie every two weeks," Scott Stuber, the head of Netflix's film division, said in a statement. "For one person, that's Extraction. For another, it's The Wrong Missy."

    It's important to know that these numbers from Netflix (via Bloomberg) represent the number of viewers of each movie in their first four weeks of release. It's even more important to know that Netflix considers it a "view" when someone watches at least two minutes of any given title. Internally, the company has the data revealing how many people bailed on these movies after five minutes and switched over to watch something else, but they have no incentive to ever make that information public. Instead, we're left to take them at their word that this list is accurate and representative of Netflix subscribers' interests.

    Putting those technicalities aside, I find myself greedily curious about the movies that would rank 11-15 on this list. What are those films? How close were they to making the cut? Release the info, Netflix, you cowards!

    I'm not calling Netflix liars, but it's odd that The Perfect Date – a teen romantic comedy I've literally never heard of until now – is on this list, but a heavily-publicized and talked-about sequel like To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You didn't make it. Same with The Half of It or Always Be My Maybe, because it feels like those movies had much higher profiles. I mean, folks are definitely missing out if they've watched these movies but haven't seen Set It Up, Roma, The Perfection, In the Shadow of the Moon, Klaus, or Eurovision Song Contest, but hey, who can comprehend the whims of a Netflix subscriber?