LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Build Kit Will Appeal To Your Inner Child

LEGO is ready to milk your nostalgia for all its worth with a new LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Building Kit for adults. The kit comes with a realistic-looking NES system as well as a retro TV, and while you can't really play this like an actual NES, it will have mechanical functions that enable you to move an 8-bit Mario across a scrolling screen.

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

I'm not really into LEGOs, but even I'll admit this is pretty darn cool. This LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Build Kit lets you create an "authentic reproductions of the original console, controller and Game Pak cartridge, plus a retro-styled 1980s TV." Once built, you'll be able to insert the buildable Game Pak cartridge into the console, use the buttons on the controller, and crank the handle on the TV to move an 8-bit Mario across the screen.

The 2,646-piece model building kit does not include the LEGO Mario figure, so you'll have to get that elsewhere. The buildable TV measures over 8" high, 9" wide, and 6" deep. Also, while all of those pieces may seem daunting, LEGO promises that the kit comes with "Easy-to-follow instructions help you to build with confidence, even if you are a LEGO newcomer." Whatever you say, LEGO.


The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System will be available on August 1.