'Servant' Seasons 3 And 4 Already Being Planned By M. Night Shyamalan

Servant, the spooky slow-burn Apple TV+ series from M. Night Shyamalan, has already been renewed for a second season. But has it been renewed beyond that? It sure sounds like it, at least according to Shyamalan. According to the filmmaker, a writer's room for Servant season 3 and season 4 has already been assembled. And while this may not mean Apple TV+ has officially given an order for those seasons, it confirms that Shyamalan and company are planning ahead.

While Apple has yet to confirm Servant seasons 3 and 4, it sure looks like M. Night Shyamalan thinks that might happen. The filmmaker took to Twitter to announce he was gearing up to finish shooting season 2 in the fall (filming was shut down due to the coronavirus), and added that a writer's room has been assembled for season 3 and 4. Again: this isn't a confirmation of anything. But it is a sign that Shyamalan is planning ahead, should Apple go ahead and give his series two more seasons.

In Servant season 1, a mysterious young woman takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy Philadelphia couple. But there's a twist: the "baby" the nanny has to care for isn't a real baby, but a lifelike doll that has taken the place of the couple's real, deceased baby. It's a creepy enough premise, and indeed, the first season was loaded with genuinely disturbing moments and had a dark and foreboding atmosphere. That said, the series was just a little too mysterious for my liking. I don't mind ambiguity, especially when it comes to horror. But more often than not, the first season of Servant felt as if the writers were spinning their wheels and failed to flesh things out beyond the initial premise.

All that said, I'm curious to see where the show goes in season 2 – and beyond, if those additional seasons actually happen. No date has been announced yet for the season 2 premiere, but we'll keep you posted.