You Can Now Remove Content From Your Netflix "Continue Watching" Row On Apple Devices

So, you've brought someone home with the intention to "Netflix and chill." But as you fire up your Netflix app on your iPad to find something to put on in the background, your "Continue Watching" row pops up. You try to quickly scroll past it, but it's too late: you glance over at your would-be romantic partner and notice that they have a horrified look on their face, because they noticed that the three most recent things you watched were embarrassing as hell. So you sigh and do the only thing you can do in this terrible situation: as your would-be partner leaves, you both solemnly agree to never see each other again. Thanks a lot, Netflix.

But those were the old days. Now, Netflix has rolled out an update for users who access the app on Apple device that allows you to remove those pesky, unwanted movies and shows from your "Continue Watching" row, saving you untold amounts of future embarrassment and annoyance. Thanks a lot, Netflix!

The scenario I laid out above sounds like it could be the plot of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, but I have to imagine that a less extreme version of that has probably happened several times over the past decade. And putting the whole possible foiled romance angle aside, it just kinda sucks that when you try out a movie or a show and end up tapping out because it wasn't your tempo (I don't blame you – life is short!), you're forced to relive that decision time and time again as you scroll past that damned Netflix Continue Watching least until you've watched enough other things that your past mistakes are shoved far enough down the row where they're off the screen.

But now Netflix has rolled out a "remove from row" update for Apple device users. Deadline says that the feature, which allows you to simply click on a viewed title and select that option, has "actually been available for some time," but because the update to Apple devices is relatively recent, many users are finally getting to implement it for the first time.

Now if we could just get Netflix to roll this easy option out to every device across the board. In the meantime, if you'd like to get rid of any annoying or embarrassing selections but aren't accessing the app through an Apple device, you can make changes to your viewing history using an internet browser.