Exclusive 'Tenet' Images Go Behind The Scenes Of Christopher Nolan's Time-Bending Blockbuster

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Everyone is waiting to see if Christopher Nolan's Tenet will arrive this summer. The latest epic from Nolan was originally set for July 17, got moved to July 31, and is now scheduled for August 12. Time will tell if that date holds, but for now, we have two exclusive Tenet images from the upcoming book The Secrets of Tenet: Inside Christopher Nolan's Quantum Cold War. See the behind-the-scenes images below.

The pic above features three behind-the-scenes looks at Tenet, with star John David Washington in the midst of filming a stunt scene as Nolan, cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, and more, look on. I'm not seeing any wires here, which means that Washington is going all-in on being thrown around on set.

"The film has more action than any film I've ever done," Nolan previously said. "It has a plethora of action sequences that [John David Washington took] the lead in. So he gets to do all kinds of different things. That athleticism also puts itself into the way he walks down the street and the way he talks and the way he moves."

Washington is a former football running back, so he has some history with getting physical. But even so, it sounds like the Tenet shoot was intense for the actor. "There were some times I couldn't get up out of bed," Washington said. "A couple weeks in, I was worried, very concerned I wasn't going to be able to finish this thing, and I didn't want to tell anybody because I was like, 'Oh, I will die for this.'"

The other exclusive image we have comes from the prologue scene that screened in front of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in IMAX. That scene involves Washington's character infiltrating a packed opera house full of slumbering patrons.

"I couldn't get over the scale of it all, how many background artists we had," Washington said. "Those are not digitally enhanced people, those weren't painted in, they were all there and present. And they were so game, they were so enthusiastic to be in a Chris Nolan film, as I was excited to be in a Chris Nolan film running for my life. It was extremely intense, so many moving pieces. Nolan on set, he just works at such pace and is so well organized. I mean, it was chaos when he yelled 'Action!' but getting it done, it felt very organized."

Insight Editions is will publish The Secrets of Tenet: Inside Christopher Nolan's Quantum Cold War by author James Mottram on August 12, bringing "readers on an exclusive journey into Nolan's time-bending masterpiece, offering rare insights into all aspects of its creation. Featuring in-depth commentary from Nolan himself and a range of other key collaborators—including producer Emma Thomas and production designer Nathan Crowley."

The book reveals Nolan's filmmaking process and will include "candid behind-the-scenes imagery and compelling conceptual art, this is the ultimate exploration of a film guaranteed to linger in the imagination long into the future...and perhaps the past." John David Washington wrote the book's foreword, while co-star Kenneth Branagh penned the afterward.