'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Is Coming Back For Season 11 On HBO

Larry David isn't done playing Larry David on TV just yet.

HBO has officially renewed David's long-running comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm for an eleventh season, and you can read the creator/star's response to the news below.

HBO announced the news about the Curb Your Enthusiasm renewal on Tuesday, with Amy Gravitt, the executive vice president of HBO programming, saying, "This past season tapped into the zeitgeist in such an uncomfortably delightful way. Larry is already busy writing, and we can't wait to see what he has in store."

"Believe me, I'm as upset about this as you are," David said in a statement. "One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve."

David recorded a video message to the "idiots" of the world back in March, advising them to avoid leaving their houses or seeing anyone while the pandemic is underway – which is still good advice, considering the recent spike in cases in several states across the country.

There's no word yet about whether this new season will address the pandemic head-on, but while David's humor on both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm is often pretty timeless, he's also never been afraid to embrace topical material should it fit his storytelling needs.

HBO has previously indicated that they'll continue to be the home for the series for as long as David wants to keep making it, and it seems as if he's taking them up on that offer. It's been twenty years since the first season aired, making this one of HBO's longest-running shows in the network's history. There's an open invitation for him to return and it seems like it's all on David's own schedule, which frees him up from churning out a season just to meet a deadline and instead means he only returns when he wants to. That approach has resulted in years-long breaks between some seasons, but as evidenced by the show's 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for season ten (a big jump from season nine's 74%), it seems as if David is back in a creative groove.

I'm still catching up with the show myself (I wrote about it in one of our Quarantine Stream entries), and I'm happy to hear that David isn't tired of playing that heightened version of himself on screen yet, because I'm finding it to be endlessly entertaining.