'Bum's Rush': Anne Hathaway, Bill Murray, And Robert Duvall To Star In Indie Buddy Movie

There's no point in burying the lede here: Bill Murray (Osmosis Jones) is going to provide the voice of a dog in a new independent film called Bum's Rush. It's the first time Murray has lent his voice to a dog character since...well, since 2018's Isle of Dogs. But this will be a live-action dog, so let the anticipation begin.

Learn more about Bum's Rush below.

In 2009, Murray starred in an indie film called Get Low opposite the great Robert Duvall (Days of Thunder), which was well-received upon its release but never really found a huge audience. You might not even remember it, but here's the trailer as a brief refresher:

Get Low was the feature directorial debut of Aaron Schneider, and even though it won him the Independent Spirit Award for best first feature, he's only made one movie since: Greyhound, the Tom Hanks-starring World War II movie which is about to debut on AppleTV+. Schneider will also be behind the camera for Bum's Rush, which will reunite Murray and Duvall. It's also another reunion: The Hollywood Reporter says Anne Hathaway (Bride Wars) is set to star in this movie as well, marking the first time she'll appear in a movie with Bill Murray since 2008's Get Smart.

Hathaway will play a custom boot maker who encounters a stray dog named Bum, who will be voiced by Murray. THR calls this a "buddy movie," though it's unclear if Hathaway and the dog are the buddies, or if she becomes friends with Duvall's character and the dog is just tagging along. C. Gaby Mitchell, who wrote Get Low, also wrote this screenplay and will co-produce with Schneider and Terence Malick's frequent producer Sarah Green. The movie is aiming to shoot on location in Santa Barbara and New Mexico.

"I am so happy to reunite with my Get Low collaborators Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and C. Gaby Mitchell and of course delighted to work with Anne Hathaway and Sarah Green. It's a very special project and I'm thrilled to be a part of it," Schneider said in a statement.

"We are all dog lovers on this team, and now more than ever we appreciate their value in our lives. We are excited to join forces with Rocket Science and CAA to bring this timely story to the world," producers Green and Mitchell said.

The project will be searching for a distributor at this year's Cannes virtual market.