The Best TV Shows & Movies Leaving HBO Max In July 2020

HBO Max is still a new streaming service, but it already has several titles flying the coop as June rolls over into July. So act quickly and watch these flicks! These are the best movies leaving HBO Max in July 2020

blindspotting best of the decade


One of the best movies of 2018 (and the decade), Blindspotting is a raw, unique piece of social commentary featuring a powerhouse lead performance from Daveed Diggs. Diggs plays Collin, a guy just trying to make it through his last days of probation without getting in trouble. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done, as Collin's best friend (Rafael Casal) is constantly on the verge of trouble. Complicating matters, Collin begins experiencing PTSD after witnessing a cop gun down an unarmed Black man. Featuring moments where character's break into verse, and an ending that will leave you rattled, Blindspotting is more essential now than ever.

crimson peak blu-ray

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak got a bum deal at theaters. The trailers sold it as a straightforward horror movie, and while I'd argue that this is a horror movie, it's the type of old school horror that modern audiences aren't accustomed to. Drawing on gothic romance trappings, Guillermo del Toro spins a tale about a writer (Mia Wasikowska) who falls in love with a very pale nobleman (Tom Hiddleston), marries him, and heads across the pond to live in his big, spooky house. Her new husband's sister (played with delightful over-the-top menace by Jessica Chastain) is there too. And oh yeah, so are a bunch of fan controversies

Casino Royale

Controversial opinion (I think?): Casino Royale is the best James Bond movie. You can disagree with me, that's fine. But for my money, the series has never been better than Daniel Craig's first outing as a rough-and-tumble Bond who runs through walls and straight-up murders people without thinking twice. The Craig Bond era has been somewhat hit-or-miss, but it can always take comfort in the knowledge that some guy named Chris Evangelista thinks the first entry is the best of the entire series.

pet sematary remake screenwriter

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary had some rough edges (mostly on a performance level), but this Stephen King adaptation about a burial ground that can raise the dead still give you the creeps. Mary Lambert's direction is the key to making it all work, as the filmmaker uses strange, almost surreal camera angles at times to throw the viewer completely off balance.

Intolerable Cruelty

I often see Intolerable Cruelty held up as an example of a bad Coen Brothers film, but I'm here to say the movie is much better than its reputation suggests. This is the Coens in screwball comedy mode, with George Clooney channeling Cary Grant as a high-priced divorce lawyer who falls for one of his clients (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Hair-brained schemes the follow. Give it another shot.


The full list of movies leaving HBO Max in July can be seen below.

July 5

Crazy Rich Asians, 2018 (HBO)

The Nun, 2018 (HBO)

July 7

The Defiant Ones (HBO)

July 30

Blindspotting, 2018

July 31

A Christmas Story, 1983

Analyze This, 1999

Aquamarine, 2006 (HBO)

Blood Diamond, 2006

Bowling For Columbine, 2002 (HBO)

Boys Don't Cry, 1999 (HBO)

Casino Royale, 1967 (HBO)

Casino Royale, 2006 (HBO)

Crimson Peak, 2015 (HBO)

Final Destination, 2000

For Love Of The Game, 1999 (HBO)

Friday the 13th, 2009

Hairspray (Musical Remake), 2007

Hairspray, 1988

Happy Feet, 2006

Intolerable Cruelty, 2003 (HBO)

King Arthur (Director's Cut), 2004 (HBO)

Long Shot, 2019 (HBO)

Look Away, 2019 (HBO)

Mamartuile, 2018 (HBO)

Man Of The House, 1995 (HBO)

Mildred Pierce (1945), 1945

Now, Voyager, 1942

Once Upon A Crime, 1992 (HBO)

Pet Semetary, 1989

Presumed Innocent, 1990

Pride and Prejudice, 1940

The Polar Express, 2004

Quantum Of Solace, 2008 (HBO)

Recreo, 2019 (HBO)

Rio, 2011 (HBO)

Rock The Kasbah, 2015 (HBO)

Season Of The Witch, 2011 (HBO)

She's Funny That Way, 2015 (HBO)

The Goonies, 1985

The Honeymooners, 2005 (HBO)

The Island, 2005 (HBO)

The Merchant Of Venice, 2004 (HBO)

The Neverending Story, 1984

The Predator, 2018 (HBO)

The Sun Is Also A Star, 2019 (HBO)

The Take, 2016 (HBO)

TMNT, 2007

When Harry Met Sally, 1989

X-Men, 2000 (HBO)