'The Culling' Is The Next Horror Film From Director David F. Sandberg

David F. Sandberg, director of Shazam!Lights Out, and more, has a new horror project headed our way. Sandberg will direct The Culling, which follows a priest battling a demon while hiding out in a remote cabin. Lionsgate purchased the spec script for the film from writer Stephen Herman, and Sandberg plans to make The Culling before he directs Shazam 2.

Deadline has the news about The Culling, a new horror film from director David F. Sandberg. In the movie, "A troubled priest confines himself to a remote cabin in the middle of the woods where he attempts to make a last stand against the demon that terrorized his family when he was a child." That kind of sounds like a blend of The Evil Dead and The Exorcist, and I'm not mad at it.

Sandberg and Lotta Losten will produce via their newly formed Mångata production banner, while Lionsgate will distribute. The film was written by up and coming writer Stephen Herman. On Twitter, Sandberg said: "Love this script by Stephen Herman and its take on how demons work." He also added that "Shazam 2 is the next thing I'm directing (pending the continued existence of the world)." I'm not entirely certain if this means Shazam 2 is the "next" thing Sandberg is directing after he directs The Culling, or if he means he's shooting Shazam 2 next and then making The Culling. As of now, Shazam 2 is set for a 2022 release date.

I like Sandberg's movies, and I like that he's remaining committed to the horror genre. While Shazam 2 was a big blockbuster, he's still found time to keep making horror short films, even while stuck at home. Short horror flicks are what helped Sandberg break into the biz, with his short Lights Out being expanded into a feature by New Line Cinema. Demonic possession movies are a dime a dozen, but I have hope Sandberg will bring something fresh to the subgenre with The Culling. In addition to Sandberg and Losten, The Culling will be produced by Good Fear Content's Chris Benderand& Jake Weiner, with Scott Stoops executive producing.