'Youth' Will Rapidly Age Pierce Brosnan In New Science Fiction Drama

Pierce Brosnan, the former Bond who has aged into a welcomed character actor, is set to star in the sci-fi thriller Youth. Brosnan will play a man in the not-too-distant future who undergoes a procedure to de-age himself. Unfortunately, the procedure backfires, and Brosnan's character finds himself suddenly aging rapidly. The film is a feature-length adaptation of a short film directed by Brett Marty, who will also direct the feature.


Above you can check out the trailer for Youth, a short film directed by Brett Marty. Marty will now have a chance to adapt his short into a feature, and according to The Wrap, Pierce Brosnan is set to star. Set in the near future, Youth states that "'Renewal' is the world's hottest commodity, a procedure to remind your body's biological clock. Joel (Brosnan) is an ad-tech engineer who is about to retire at age 70, but his company doesn't want to lose him and pays for him and his wife to Renew. His wife returns in her twenties, but Joel's procedure goes wrong, and he begins aging rapidly."

I can relate because I feel like I'm aging rapidly every morning when I wake up. There are shades here of John Frankenheimer's 1966 film Seconds, and even the mostly forgotten Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi action flick The 6th Day. This sounds like much more of a drama, though, so don't expect a bunch of explosions and gunfights.

Brosnan has had an interesting post-Bond career, and I think he's just waiting for the right filmmaker to come along and use his talents correctly. I think the closest a filmmaker has come so far to handling this late Brosnan period is Edgar Wright, directing Brosnan in a brief but memorable turn in The World's End. I'm not sure if Youth will follow suit, but I guess we'll see.

The feature version of Youth will be written by Marty, Josh Izenberg, and Amelia Whitcomb. Jib Polhemus, Paul Schiff and Martin Brennan will produce, and Laura Bickford and Hannah Leader will executive producers, with Joshua Izenberg co-producing. There's no distributor attached yet, but sales for the project will happen next month at the Marché du Film Online.