'Da Five Bloods' Posters Arrive Ahead Of Next Week's Netflix Release

A new Spike Lee joint is always worth getting excited about, but to have one arrive now, at this particular time, seems essential. Lee's latest, Da Five Bloods, is hitting Netflix next week, and ahead of that streaming release, several fantastic new posters have found their way online. You can see the posters, along with some words from Lee, below.

"One of the biggest criticisms of Do the Right Thing was that I did not provide the answer to racism at the end of the movie," Spike Lee recently told the LA Times. "And here we are in modern-day America, pandemic America, and cities are up in flames. ... I've just been taken away with Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor — I mean, it's like open season."

Lee's latest, Da 5 Bloods, is described in that same interview as "Equal parts action thriller, buddy comedy, history lesson and cutting political commentary," with Lee adding: "It's a Spike Lee joint — you know it when you see it. It's a gumbo. Those are the films I like. Why does something have to be just one thing? I don't put those artistic handcuffs on myself."

Da 5 Bloods is "the story of four African-American Vets — Paul (Delroy Lindo), Otis (Clarke Peters), Eddie (Norm Lewis), and Melvin (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) — who return to Vietnam. Searching for the remains of their fallen Squad Leader (Chadwick Boseman) and the promise of buried treasure, our heroes, joined by Paul's concerned son (Jonathan Majors), battle forces of Man and Nature — while confronted by the lasting ravages of The Immorality of The Vietnam War."

Ahead of the film's release next week on Netflix, there are several new posters for the film. The latest, which you can see below, is made-up to resemble an old army recruitment poster. Lee posted it on Twitter, writing: "Now Our Fight Is For Social Justice Plus Too Many Issues To List At This Moment In Time And Space. DA 5 BLOODS Streams On Netflix In Da Year Of Our Lawd 2020 June 12th. YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF. And Dat's Da "BLACK LIVES MATTER",TRUTH,RUTH"

Three other posters can be seen below.

Speaking with Esquire, Lee said: "I wanted to do a film where the focus was on the African-American soldiers. Because here's the thing that's key: at the time of the Vietnam War, the African-American population was 10 percent of the United States of America. Yet, at the height of the war we were a third of the fighting forces in Vietnam. Those numbers don't match up. I saw the Vietnam War on television, the six o'clock news. I was, thank God, too young to be drafted. But I was old enough to know what was going on. I was born in '57. These young men, boys really, were snatched out of high school, shipped to the front lines. That's something I wanted to portray in the film."

Da 5 Bloods arrives on Netflix June 12.