'Ju-On: Origins' Trailer: Netflix Unleashes A 'Grudge' TV Series

The horrors of The Grudge, aka the Ju-On franchise, get a new lease on life (or should we say death, ahhhh!!!) via Netflix. Ju-On: Origins is a new series that once again takes viewers to the cursed house that has figured so prominently into the film series. The house even made a cameo appearance in the recent The Grudge reboot/sequel that pretty much no one bothered to see. Watch the Ju-On: Origins trailer below.

Ju-On Origins Trailer 

Ju-On: Origins wants to take you back to the house that started it all, claiming that the "J-Horror classic franchise Ju-On was actually based on real events that occurred over four decades – and the truth is even more terrifying. Can the people haunted by this house escape from its curse? And what kind of grim incident occurred in this cursed house in the past?"

A previous report states that the series "centers on a paranormal investigator named Odajima, as well as a television talent named Haruka Honjo, who keeps hearing disturbing footsteps in her apartment in the middle of the night. Both are drawn to the franchise's iconic "cursed house," which Odajima begins to investigate."

There are a ton of Ju-On films to pull inspiration from. If you include American remakes and sequels, there are a total of 13 movies that fit into the franchise, not to mention short films, video games, novels, and manga adaptations. I'll admit I only have experience with a handful of them – I saw the original Ju-On, the first Grudge remake and its sequel, the recent Grudge reboot, and the terrible Grudge/Ring crossover movie Sadako vs. Kayako. I don't have much connection to the series as a whole, but I'm always up for some more horror, and I dig this trailer. Also, since Grudge films are usually comprised of several interconnected short stories, adapting the saga to TV makes a lot of sense.

Ju-On: Origins sets out to give you the creeps on Netflix starting July 3, 2020.