'Solar Opposites' Red Band Trailer: The Minds Behind 'Rick And Morty' Take On The Family Sitcom

Missing Rick and Morty? Then you might want to check out Solar Opposites, a new Hulu animated series from Justin Roiland (co-creator of Ricky and Morty) and Mike McMahan (former head writer of Rick and Morty). The series is now streaming on Hulu, but if you need one last push to sell you on it, there's a new red band trailer to scandalize you below.

Solar Opposites Red Band Trailer 

Solar Opposites "centers around a team of four aliens who have escaped their exploding home world, only to crash land into a move-in ready home in suburban America. They are evenly split on whether Earth is awful or awesome. Korvo (Justin Roiland) and Yumyulack (Sean Giambroni) only see the pollution, crass consumerism, and human frailty, while Terry (Thomas Middleditch) and Jesse (Mary Mack) love humans and all their TV, junk food, and fun stuff. Their mission: protect the Pupa, a living super computer that will one day evolve into its true form, consume them and terraform the Earth."

Here is where I confess I've never watched Rick and Morty, so a new show in that same style, with a shared creative team, doesn't do much for me. But our own Ethan Anderton is a fan of Rick and Morty, and he gave Solar Opposites a fairly positive review, writing:

Rick and Morty is largely considered to be the best and most consistently funny animated comedy for adults on the air today. But Solar Opposites can certainly give it a run for its money. The show has more of a serial arc for our characters, and the mix of raunchy sci-fi comedy with the genuine heart of classic sitcoms makes for something that's familiar enough to be accessible, but weird enough to stand out. Plus, Hulu seems to be a lot less restrictive when it comes to profanity and sexual content, which allows Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan to be a little more bold. It's more than enough to make Solar Opposites stand on its own two feet. This series will have you laughing hysterically enough to pause the show for an extra breath, and there are a handful of shocking twists that make it a must-see.

Solar Opposites is executive produced by Roiland, McMahan, and Josh Bycel. The main cast members include Justin Roiland, Thomas Middleditch, Mary Mack, and Sean Giambrone. The show is now streaming on Hulu.