'In Search Of Tomorrow' Trailer: A Documentary Devoted To '80s Sci-Fi

Remember the '80s? Of course you do – we've spent the last two decades idolizing that decade for reasons that may never be fully explained. But, to be fair, the sci-fi films of the 1980s were pretty damn rad, and that's where In Search of Tomorrow comes in. Following in the footsteps of '80s horror documentary In Search of DarknessIn Search of Tomorrow bills itself as "the definitive '80s sci-fi documentary," featuring interviews, effects breakdowns, and more. Check out the trailer below.

In Search of Tomorrow Trailer

The science-fiction films of the 1980s are celebrated in In Search of Tomorrow, a documentary from director David Weiner that examines cherished classics like Blade RunnerBack to the FutureAliens, and more, and featuring interviews with Henry Thomas, Bob Gale, Sean Young, and others. Here's a breakdown of what's in store, via the film's Kickstarter page:

Through our interviews with '80s Sci-Fi masters and subject-matter experts we want to explore a wide range of issues, including:

  •  Heroes and Heroines: Hear from the actors, writers, directors, and producers who brought Sci-Fi icons such as Rick Deckard, Ellen Ripley, and the Terminator to your movie screen.
  •  SFX Breakdowns: Learn how your favorite robot, creature, and spaceship effects were created. We'll be interviewing the artists who designed and operated the models, puppets, and animatronics that brought some of your favorite creatures and characters to life.
  •  Production Design & Worldbuilding: Learn about the creation of the costumes, weapons, and post-apocalyptic landscapes that set the scene for our favorite stories.
  •  Socio/Political Context: How '80s Sci-Fi reflected the socio-political context in which it was made: Tech advances, Reaganomics, Live AID, big business, and the AIDS crisis.
  •  Genre Mixing: Exploring how other genres – fantasy, action, horror, and comedy – are very much intertwined with the Sci-Fi genre. Where does one begin and the other end?
  •  Legacy: Discuss the importance of '80s Sci-Fi genre in a modern-day context. Why is '80s Sci-Fi still so relevant today?
  • The doc is billed as a "love-letter to the Sci-Fi films we grew up with; the films that dared to ask, 'what if?' and offered us a vision of future technology, society, and culture that simultaneously delighted, amazed and scared us."

    Since the movie is still being funded, there's no official date yet – although the filmmakers are hoping to have it ready by July 2021. In the meantime, check out a cool poster for the project below.