'Community' Cast (Including Donald Glover, But Not Chevy Chase) Reuniting With Dan Harmon For A Virtual Table Read

While Community fans continue to hold out hope for a possible movie one day, here's the next best thing. Creator/showrunner Dan Harmon is reuniting with nearly every major member of the sitcom's cast (excluding Chevy Chase) for a virtual table read and Q&A to help raise money for coronavirus relief efforts. Even Donald Glover, who left the show in season five, will be participating, marking his first return to any Community-related event since 2014. Get the details below.

Community Reunion Table Read

According to Variety, stars Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Dani Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, and Glover will remotely reunite to read the season five episode "Cooperative Polygraphy." Here's how Variety describes the episode:

"Cooperative Polygraphy" was a "bottle episode," taking place almost entirely in the Greendale Community College library where the show's study group gathers after the funeral of Pierce (Chevy Chase). Waiting for them is Pierce's estate executor, played by Walton Goggins (who will not be available to join the table read). One by one, the show's characters are grilled by Goggins' character, and are bequeathed final gifts.

While I would have loved to see them read the script from an episode from the first three seasons, which were the only truly great seasons of the show (sorry, gas leak fans), a bottle episode makes the most sense for the limitations of a Zoom call. The show was bursting with visual hilarity, but reading those aloud instead of seeing them wouldn't have quite the same effect, so this episode seems like a smart choice to let the actors do the heavy lifting. (Plus, I feel as if Chevy Chase, much like his character Pierce Hawthorne, probably couldn't set up a Zoom call to save his life.)

The table read will be shown in its entirety on Sony Pictures TV's "Community" YouTube page, along with a Q&A of fan questions, on Monday, May 18, 2020 at 2 P.M. PT. You can submit questions by engaging with the @CommunityTV accounts across social media and using the hashtag #AskCommunity.

Community, which recently became available to stream in its entirety on Netflix, has been the subject of rumors about a possible movie ever since Abed's "six seasons and a movie" mantra for the NBC series The Cape was taken up as a call to action by fans about Community itself. The fact that Glover, whose career has gone absolutely nuclear since he left the show, is willing to return here might – might! – mean we're one step closer to that mythical movie actually happening.