'Antebellum' Directors Making Apocalyptic Drama 'Rapture'

Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, directors behind the coronavirus-delayed horror movie Antebellum, are already cooking up their next project. It's called Rapture, and it's described as an "apocalyptic drama" and "a mind-bending nightmare of Biblical proportions." Plus: Antebellum now has a new release date in place for this August.

Lionsgate is clearly very happy with Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, the directors of the upcoming Antebellum. So much so that they just nabbed the filmmaking duo's next pic, Rapture. Per THRRapture is "a mind-bending nightmare of Biblical proportions in which a family is torn apart by warring beliefs and must come together to unravel the mystery around the sudden vanishing of the global population — before it's too late."

With this news comes the reveal that Antebellum has a new release date: August 21. In a statement, Nathan Kahane, president of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, said:

"We could not be more excited to release Bush+Renz's Antebellum on August 21. After the amazing experience of collaborating on that film, we're excited to build a second film with these prolific and daring auteurs. Like with everything they do, Rapture will be beautiful, evocative and will pierce through the clutter, and we're certain it will spark many important conversations. They are the kind of voices we need right now. We couldn't be more proud to be working with them along with Sean McKittrick and Raymond Mansfield at QC Entertainment and Zev Foreman as we bring their films to audiences everywhere."

Bush and Renz added:

"In Lionsgate, we could not wish for more committed studio partners than Joe Drake, Nathan Kahane, Damon Wolf and their teams, who demonstrated their support of our vision as artists and filmmakers at every juncture of the development and production process with Antebellum. We look forward to continuing our efforts in collaboration, to redefine the theatrical experience for the moviegoing audience with our next project, Rapture."

All of this sounds great. I'm very much looking forward to Antebellum, which looks pretty damn great based on the trailer (fingers crossed that new release date holds). And the premise of Rapture is an attention-grabber for sure.