'Friends' Cast Invites Six Fans To HBO Reunion Special: Here's How You Can Win A Spot

The cast of Friends will be there for you, in the flesh — if you win their new challenge. HBO Max's forthcoming Friends reunion special has extended an invite to six fans of the beloved sitcom to win a spot in the audience and experience the Friends VIP experience on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. But to win one of those six coveted spots in the audience of the HBO Max Friends reunion special, there are a few things you must do.

Last month, it was revealed that filming on HBO Max's highly anticipated Friends reunion special had been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has brought all of Hollywood to a halt. But your favorite cast members of Friends are still finding ways to reach out to fans with a new initiative that will raise funds for those affected by the pandemic, and earn them a spot in the audience once the reunion special gets back to production. Friends cast members Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer all announced their participation in the All In Challenge, which raises funds to feed those in need like the elderly, children, and medical and essential workers on the frontline.

Each of the cast members invited six lucky fans on their Instagram accounts to become their personal guests in the audience of the upcoming reunion special taping, which will take place on the show's original iconic soundstage, Stage 24, on the Warner Bros. Studio lot in Burbank. The winners of this challenge will also get a coffee date with the main cast in Central Perk and a Friends VIP experience on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. So how can you win this challenge? Go to AllInChallenge.com to enter and donate whatever you want. All the proceeds will go to various coronavirus relief charities like Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, and more.

"Can't wait to meet and hug you guys when this is all over," Aniston wrote on her Instagram post announcing the challenge, which included a nostalgic promotional photo of the Friends cast. "Until then, keep Facetiming, calling, DMing, and texting your friends and family. We gotta stay connected."

It's not made clear whether larger donations will increase your chances at winning that spot, but it's likely that the challenge works as a lottery — a donation enters your name into the contest. While it's frustrating that there aren't more instructions on how to win one of those six spots, at least the Friends cast is putting their clout to a good cause. I wonder how much of their $3 to $4 million paychecks for the special they're giving to these funds.