The Clock Tower: Superman's Birthday, A 'Supernatural' Crossover, And More

(Welcome to The Clock Tower, where we'll break down the goings on of the The CW network's Arrowverse. We'll touch on things like themes, cultural impact, lead-ins to major events, ships, and more every week! Warning: this Clock Tower is filled with spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.)Listen. I know I said I'd see you next week and then I didn't! We can talk about the Alfred "I failed you" gif, or we can just acknowledge that we're moving to bi-weekly for a little bit while the Arrowverse and television as a whole finds its footing amidst this whole pandemic situation. I like the latter better too, so let's just dive right in.

Happy Birthday, Supes

I'm writing this on Superman's birthday, so it feels remiss not to acknowledge the Man of Steel and everything he's done for DC. Back on April 18 of 1938, Supes flew into our lives in Action Comics #1. Since then, he's inspired a whole host of characters, up to and including one Kara Danvers. The hope of the House of El is something we could all use during normal circumstances, so I find myself especially thankful for their stories during times like these. Shout out to all the mild-mannered reporters out there who grab their capes whenever the need arises.

Where in Time? 

Because time no longer has any meaning, it legit feels like it's been months since we last caught up with the Legends of Tomorrow. We know that their two main arcs currently involve the Loom of Fate and Zari 2.0 finding some kind of harmony between her erased past and who she is now. We've just said goodbye to Nora and Ray (yes, I'm still angry), so I imagine we'll see some fallout there with Nate being bummed. Oh, and Mick still very much has a daughter.The questions now mostly revolve around "where do they go from here?"  Sara and Mick are the only two original Legends left on the ship, and we've had hints of both characters leaving already this season. Sara has potentials in Star City, even if those potentials were quickly shot down by Eva. Then we have Mick and this whole daughter situation. Him leaving to put an end to what he sees as his family curse would be a nice well-rounded end to his story, but I'm not really ready to lose more folks this season! 

I Want More

If your series has an ensemble cast, losing a character or two to the sidelines is inevitable. With that in mind, there are still quite a few characters across the Arrowverse that I miss. Nia Nal and Lena Luthor have both been criminally underused so far on this season of Supergirl. Lena's gotten more to do than poor Nia though. You can't just give the girl one episode and then keep her off to the side. Dreamer is interesting! Let her do stuff! Legends of Tomorrow has done better about bringing Zari Tomaz into the fold in these later episodes, but she was definitely missed in the beginning. Same goes for Charlie and Mick Rory. Let our little miscreants play, please. Joe West has fallen victim to this over on The Flash, but it sounds like we might be getting more of him as this Black Hole investigation comes more into play. Batwoman's still in its first season, so it hasn't fallen into this trap as hard as the others just yet. But I'd still love to see more Mary Hamilton. Get that girl in the Batcave already! 

That Car Looks Mighty Familiar

By now, you've likely seen the news that Supernatural's Baby will be making an appearance on Legends of Tomorrow. There's already been plenty of speculation and conversations around what this means, but with Crisis combining all of the Earths into one, it seems reasonable to theorize that Sam and Dean are now kicking around on Earth Prime. If there was ever a show for the Winchester Brothers to pop their head in for, it's Legends of Tomorrow. I'm not sayin' it's happening next week. What I am sayin' is that we've got time and the noise made from fangirls across the globe might cure a lot of ailments.

Reality Bites

Feels like the right time to remind you that a massive underground cult spanning centuries of history is currently influencing AR Tech that's being used all throughout National City in Supergirl. And that Lex Luthor is currently seen as a hero of the city and is making friends with said cult. It's not looking good for our heroes, but it's looking even worse for the citizens who are seemingly being harvested by Leviathan.Sometimes, when I get to write sentences as bizarre as that one, I'm reminded of just how cool my job is. As of right now, no one on Team Supergirl has any idea that this harvesting is taking place. They know Leviathan's up to something, and they've always had Lex's number, but they were able to cloak themselves the moment William got close. We won't find out for a bit, as Supergirl is the last series to return, but my suspicion is that it'll be Lena who finds the bodies first as a way to force her and Supergirl back into each other's lives.

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

For real this time, I'll see you in two weeks! By then, the whole of the Arrowverse will have returned. But don't forget that you're getting two of them early! Both Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash come back on April 21. We've still got a few days before Batwoman and Supergirl fly back into our lives, but they're worth the wait so I'll allow it.