'Space Force' Premieres On Netflix In May, See The First Images From The New Steve Carell Comedy Series

Get ready to head to space...from the safety of your own home. Netflix's Space Force, a new series co-created by The Office alumnus Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, takes one of the 10 bajillion stupid ideas from a certain someone who shall remain nameless, and turns it into comedy. Carell plays a general tasked with getting the newly created Space Force off the ground...and onto the moon. Netflix just announced a premiere date for the show, and released a slew of first-look images.

In Space Force, "A decorated pilot with dreams of running the Air Force, four-star general Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell) is thrown for a loop when he finds himself tapped to lead the newly formed sixth branch of the US Armed Forces: Space Force. Skeptical but dedicated, Mark uproots his family and moves to a remote base in Colorado where he and a colorful team of scientists and "Spacemen" are tasked by the White House with getting American boots on the moon (again) in a hurry and achieving total space dominance."

Joining Carell in the cast are John Malkovich, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Noah Emmerich, Alex Sparrow, Don Lake, and newly announced cast member Lisa Kudrow.

The series is being described as a "workplace comedy," which is something Carell and Daniels have plenty of experience with – so there's hope for Space Force. That said, it'll be disappointing if this is just a recycled version of The Office in a different setting – give us something fresh, that's all I'm asking. Netflix has set the premiere date for Space Force for May 29, 2020. We might be over the coronavirus lockdown by then, but if not, here's one more thing to fill the time.

In the meantime, check out the first official images from the show below.