Check Out These Amazing Art Prints By Artists Hit Hard By Coronavirus Cancelations

Every industry across the board is taking a hit from the coronavirus, but one of the biggest hit may be the freelance artist community, who depend on conventions and big events to promote their artwork and sell to the public. With conventions and galleries closed for the foreseeable future, /Film wanted to give a boost to struggling artists who were badly hit by coronavirus cancelations. Check out a few of them below and please let us know of any other artists who are struggling right now.

Celebrated artist Daniel Danger, who we've featured many times on this site before, is well-known for the eerie, atmospheric beauty that he brings to his art. That's true of his newest piece, which shows a dilapidated Disneyland, complete with the famous "partners" statue. Titled "to all that come to this happy place..." the art print was supposed to debut at a secret event this spring that has now been canceled, and Danger was at a loss as to where he could sell it. He's now selling 10 copies of the 24x36" print at his online store for a limited time through the next two weeks. You can pre-order the print here.

It was a total coincidence that Danger is debuting a Disneyland piece in the aftermath of Disneyland closing amidst coronavirus concerns. "I love the Disney parks and the creativity they represent and would never wish them harm. I simply wanted to do my take on it," Danger said in a follow-up tweet.

Another artist we've featured before, Joey Spiotto put the plea out to Twitter after recently canceled events hit his primary source of income. The artist known for his adorable illustrations of familiar movies and TV shows — most famously through his ongoing Storytime art shows — is offering a 20% discount on all art prints in his shop, with new prints to be added soon.

Among Spiotto's featured items are a Star Wars print featuring all the beloved characters from the nine-film Skywalker Saga, and his "High Fidelity" series which transformed iconic characters into album covers inspired by classic vintage record albums. Check out Spiotto's Etsy shop here.

Last, but not least is Tim Doyle, another /Film regular whose art we love to feature. Doyle has done his fair share of art inspired by film and television, and for the last few years has focused on recreating iconic locations from your favorite TV shows. But his latest collection is inspired by music — specifically the music of Metallica. With coronavirus cancelations hitting Doyle too, the artist is offering limited edition Metallica gig posters for 50% off. You can buy the collection here.

Freelance artists are one of the biggest groups hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with conventions and events postponed for the foreseeable future. One of those canceled conventions, Emerald City Comic Con, has a page featuring all the artists in the artist alley who didn't get to show off their works at the con. See them here.

Are you an artist or do you know any artists affected by coronavirus cancelations that we should feature? Let us know.