'Beastie Boys Story' Trailer: Spike Jonze Makes A Live Documentary Of The Iconic Band For Apple TV+

Ch-ch-check it out: Spike Jonze made a live documentary about the iconic hip-hop group for Apple TV+. The Beastie Boys made their mark on the popular music scene with their brand of experimental hip-hop, and rose to fame through the '80s and '90s. In the unique live documentary Beastie Boys StoryJonze charts their rise to fame, their fall, and the legacy that they left behind with surviving members Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz taking the stage to speak about the band to a live audience. Watch the Beastie Boys Story trailer below.

Beastie Boys Story Trailer

Band documentaries are usually made of a combination of archival images, concert footage, and interviews with the members or people in their orbit. But with Beastie Boys Story, director Spike Jonze takes a different approach: He brings Beastie Boys members Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz on stage to tell their own story to a live audience, as the documentary cuts between their talk and the footage of the band's rapid rise to fame.

Formed in 1981, the band consisted of vocalist and drummer Diamond, vocalist and bassist Adam Yauch (aka MCA), and vocalist and guitarist Horovitz. Diamond and Horovitz speak of their career peaks — touring with Madonna, becoming the biggest-selling rap group on Billboard — and lows, particularly the tragic passing of Yauch from cancer. It's an intriguing new take on the band documentary from their longtime friend and collaborator Jonze, who is well-known as an award-winning Hollywood director now, but got his start directing music videos for bands such as the Beastie Boys. Jonze seems to have settled back in the music scene recently, not having directed a feature film since 2013's Her, but consistently delivering live music shows and documentaries such as this.

Here is the synopsis for Beastie Boys Story:

Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz tell you an intimate, personal story of their band and 40 years of friendship in this live documentary experience directed by their longtime friend and collaborator and former hall monitor, Spike Jonze.

Beastie Boys Story debuts in select IMAX theaters on April 2, 2020 before it hits Apple TV+ on April 24, 2020.