'Parenting Without Borders' Series Headed To Disney+, Hosted By Jessica Alba

What's new at Disney+? The Disney streaming service burst onto the scene late last year, got everyone talking with The Mandalorian, and then...kind of quieted down. But Disney+ is still going strong, and they're greenlighting new shows as we speak. One such new show is a docuseries called Parenting Without Borders, which will be hosted by Jessica Alba. The series will follow Alba around the world as she looks at various parenting practices. And maybe they'll throw Baby Yoda into the show, just for fun.

Deadline has the scoop on Parenting Without Borders, a new docuseries starring and executive produced by Jessica Alba. The show is described as "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown for parenting", and "will follow Alba, an actress, producer, entrepreneur and mother of three, as she immerses herself with families around the world, exploring the parenting beliefs and practices shaping families today."

The series is inspired by the book of the same name, by Christine Gross-Loh Ph.D. The book has a more in-depth synopsis:

Research reveals that American kids lag behind in academic achievement, happiness, and wellness. Christine Gross-Loh exposes culturally determined norms we have about "good parenting," and asks, Are there parenting strategies other countries are getting right that we are not? This book takes us across the globe and examines how parents successfully foster resilience, creativity, independence, and academic excellence in their children. Illuminating the surprising ways in which culture shapes our parenting practices, Gross-Loh offers objective, research-based insight such as:

  • Co-sleeping may promote independence in kids.
  • "Hoverparenting" can damage a child's resilience.
  • Finnish children, who rank among the highest academic achievers, enjoy multiple recesses a day.
  • Our obsession with self-esteem may limit a child's potential.
  • I don't have kids, and I have no plans to have any anytime soon, so none of this registers much with me. But if you, dear reader, are a parent, or someone who longs to have offspring someday, perhaps this will be right up your alley. Or you can just wait around for The Mandalorian season 2. Kathryn O'Kane, who was a producer on the Netflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, will serve as director and showrunner for Parenting Without Borders.