'Westworld' Season 3 Trailer: It's A Whole New World

The full Westworld season 3 trailer is here, and it looks...big. Not only big, but different. The series is clearly about to go in a much different direction for its third season, taking the characters – and us, the viewers – far beyond the park and into the real world. That brings with it a whole new set of complications for the inhabitants of this show, as you can see below.

Westworld Season 3 Trailer

Whew, this trailer is a lot. Even though there are plenty of returning characters here, Westworld season 3 looks like a completely different show. It's so far removed from the first two seasons that I can't help but wonder how fans will react. Is it going to be too different? Or is the big change-up taking place here exactly what the show needs after its admittedly messy second season?

I enjoyed the first season of Westworld, and I liked parts of season 2. But the series become too entangled in mystery box shenanigans in season 2, and I really hope that gets toned-down for season 3. Not every show needs to be a big puzzle to solve, even if said show has J.J. Abrams as a producer. Just saying.

In season 3, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) has escaped the park, and she's got big plans. Those plans involve a new character, played by Aaron Paul. "You and I are a lot alike!" Dolores tells him, and boy oh boy do I wish screenwriters would retire that very tired, very over-used line. In any case, Paul's character gets swept into Dolores' world. Meanwhile, a new villainous character played by Vincent Cassel tasks Maeve (Thandie Newton) with tracking down, and killing, Dolores. Maeve and Dolores had a very brief confrontation last season, but season 3 is taking things to another level.

And how does Ed Harris' Man In Black fit into all of this? And what about Jeffrey Wright's Bernard? And Tessa Thompson's Charlotte, who isn't really Charlotte, since the real Charlotte was killed and replaced with a Charlotte robot? No freakin' idea, but hopefully these questions, and more, will be answered when season 3 premieres on March 15.