'M.O.M. Mothers Of Monsters' Trailer: A Found Footage Take On 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' [Exclusive]

Many perceive found footage cinema as "easy" to execute based on technical merits and equipment usage, foolishly discrediting the difficulties of execution. Audiences have been burned time after time by handheld "nightmares" that misunderstand why The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity became such huge successes. Perspective is everything when it comes to these horror home movies, requiring a proper hook to ensure footage keeps rolling. Tucia Lyman's M.O.M. Mothers Of Monsters, in my opinion, tackles the kind of fresh narrative that makes proper usage of hidden camera tactics and first-person viewpoints.Before we discuss the heavy themes at play, check out an exclusive trailer reveal right here on /Film.

M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters Trailer

What we're dealing with is possibly a found footage We Need To Talk About Kevin. Mother Abbey (Melinda Page Hamilton) is concerned her son Jacob (Bailey Edwards) intends to inflict harm upon his classmates, and decides to invade his privacy for the safety of others. Are these parental spy tactics morally justified, you may ask? As the trailer plays out, more chilling elements suggest neither character may be of sound mind. Lunges towards the camera, moderate delirium, and awareness of recording devices on both fronts promote formidable unrest – horror from maternal helplessness, but also hereditary fears. Abbey hopes to document her findings as a future support system for mothers suffering from the same paranoias. Again, this is the unique perspective I'm searching for outside straightforward haunted copycats.In a single trailer we glimpse gas masks marked by hateful symbols, ghastly costumes, plus Abbey both chugging alcohol and popping pills. What appears to be a mother's societal duty may be brought upon by her own doing. Lyman's provided glimpse refuses to fully reveal both sides, which leaves demanded context to be discovered. Yup, this one's on my radar almost instantly given the countless directions storylines can possibly veer into or around.M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters) will open in Los Angeles for a weeklong run at the Arena Cinelounge on March 13, 2020, before the film premieres on Cable and Digital VOD.Check out the full synopsis below:

A distraught mother (Hamilton) suspects her teenage son (Edwards) is plotting a school shooting, but when he slips through the cracks of the system, she is forced to take matters into her own hands. After installing an elaborate spy camera system in their home, Abbey captures a series of disturbing videos that confirm her worst fears. Torn between a mother's unconditional love and a mother's acute intuition, Abbey caters her videos to all the other "mothers of monsters" online. Abbey's plan backfires when Jacob uses a dark family secret against her, launching both mother and son on a terrifying, and ultimately deadly, game of cat and mouse.