Disneyland & Disney World Increase Ticket Prices, So Now Disneyland Could Cost Upwards Of $229 Per Ticket

If you're planning a trip to Disneyland, I have some bad news: your trip just got more expensive.

Not long after the opening of the Rise of the Resistance ride in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on both U.S. coasts, the company has once again raised its prices...just in time for Avengers Campus to open at Disneyland. And many East Coast Disney fans may not escape the price increase, either: Walt Disney World has also increased the cost of its annual passes.

Last year, Disneyland instituted a significant price hike, putting its cheapest ticket over $100 for the first time. But now, with Avengers Campus set to open this year, the company knows they can squeeze even more money out of its customers and Marvel fans will still line up with smiles on their faces. Walt Disney World News Today has a nice breakdown of the new five-tiered pricing system, which replaces the old three-tiered "Value, Regular, Peak" system that was previously in place for the one-day tickets:

Ticket Type Original New 1 Day – 1 Park $104, 129, 149                  $104, 114, 124, 139, 154 1 Day – Park Hopper $154, 179, 199 $159, 169, 179, 194, 209 2 Day $225 $235 2 Day with Park Hopper $280 $290 3 Day $300 $310 3 Day with Park Hopper $355 $365 4 Day $325 $340 4 Day with Park Hopper $380 $395 5 Day $340 $360 5 Day with Park Hopper $395 $415

This means a one day park hopper pass to Disneyland now costs $209 each, and that's before adding on the $20 Max Pass, which allows you to get Fast Passes on the run from anywhere in the park. And don't forget about tax – these prices don't include that, either. I'm sure Disney executives are justifying this to themselves by saying that Galaxy's Edge and Avengers Campus are going to provide more value to its customers, and part of me understands where they're coming from. But on the other, more rational hand: man, that's an awful lot of money for a theme park ticket. Especially when you multiply that ticket cost for families and add parking, food, souvenirs, etc. into the mix.

Here are the price increases for Disneyland annual passholders:

Pass Type                           Original                                 New Select $399 $419 Flex $599 $649 Deluxe $799 $829 Signature $1149 $1199 Signature Plus $1399 $1449 Premier $2099 $2199

Meanwhile, Walt Disney World has also bumped up the prices for annual passholders in the Orlando park, including several increases even for Florida residents. The Disney Platinum Plus Annual Pass has gone up $76 from $1219 to $1295 for out-of-state visitors, and the Disney Platinum Annual Pass also jumped $76, from $1119 to $1195. You can get the full breakdown over at BlogMickey, but be warned: you may need someone to revive you if you faint thinking about how expensive it is to visit these parks now.