Baby Yoda Is The Best-Selling Funko Pop Pre-Order Of All Time, All Hail Baby Yoda

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We don't own Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda owns us. And don't count on owning a Baby Yoda Funko Pop, because the toy for the diminutive creature may be sold out before it even hits shelves. The Funko Pop for the character known as The Child from the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian is already the best-selling pre-order Funko Pop of all time, and there are still three months before it becomes available.

The Child, aka Baby Yoda, is already the top pre-order Funko Pop of all time, according to Funko art director Reis O'Brien, who revealed the record-setting statistic on Thursday in a Twitter video in which he discussed the development of the toy. The video has since been deleted from Funko's account, but The Hollywood Reporter recounts what O'Brien said on the figure.

"It's bananas," O'Brien said of the Baby Yoda figure's popularity. He added that the company was sent design specs for the character on a need-to-know basis, and that they weren't privy to early episodes of the series, which returns for its second season on Disney+ this fall.

"They've got to guard spoilers. They've got to keep secrets," O'Brien said. "As far as story points go, we get nothing."

The Baby Yoda Funko Pop figure was unveiled in December, when it was made available for pre-order. It has quickly exceeded all expectations for sales, with both the standard Baby Yoda Pop figure and the 10-inch Baby Yoda Pop figure sold out on Amazon. However, the 10-inch version is still available at Target. O'Brien didn't disclose how many units have been ordered, or whether those figures have surpassed those of the current Funko Pop best-seller, Dancing Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

If you're satisfied with owning a non-Funko Pop version of Baby Yoda, Hasbro's The Child plush is also still available at Walmart as well for $24.99 USD. Sideshow Collectibles, which offers a life-sized, highly detailed figure of Baby Yoda, also has the most detailed version of the green little creature for $350 USD.