Marilyn Monroe TV Series Being Developed By 'Yellowstone' Producers

There's a Marilyn Monroe TV series in the works from Yellowstone producer 101 Studios and Seven Seas Films, and it's bound to raise an eyebrow or two. Because the series isn't a mere biographical work that focuses on the late starlet's life. Instead, the still-untitled show will focus on Monroe's tragic final years struggling with addiction, ultimately resulting in her death via drug overdose. But it also wants to set the record straight and put to bed some of the more lurid conspiracy theories surrounding the end of Monroe's life.

THR is reporting a Marilyn Monroe TV series is currently in the works from 101 Studios and Seven Seas Films. The series would be based on Marilyn Monroe: The Final Years by Keith Badman. What sets this apart from most other films and TV shows base don Monroe's life is that it has the blessing of Authentic Brands Group, owner of the Monroe estate. Here's the book's synopsis of the book which "separates the myths and rumors from the facts":

In this extraordinary book—the product of five years of exhaustive research—the author is both biographer and detective: Badman uncovers long-lost or previously unseen personal records, exclusive interviews, and eyewitness accounts that illuminate the final chapter of Marilyn's life as she navigates weight gain, drug use, an dpersonal turmoil, along with drama on the set of the ill-fated movie Something's Got to Give.

Badman dispels popular beliefs, such as her supposed affairs with John and Bobby Kennedy. (Monroe only had a one-night stand with the president at Bing Crosby's house, and never with Bobby.) Readers learn the long-concealed identity of her biological father, who refused Marilyn's attempt to contact him in 1951—and was then repaid with her apathy ten years later when he attempted to contact her...Perhaps most shockingly, we learn of the regrettable incident in which a drunken Monroe was sexually exploited by mobsters at a Lake Tahoe hotel co-owned by Frank Sinatra. Finally contrary to the salacious rumors that Marilyn was suicidal or the victim of a murder and cover-up, Badman discloses new information about her final days alive and reveals, in unequivocal detail, evidence that indicates Monroe's death was accidental.

That actually sounds promising, and not at all as sensational and gossipy as I expected. The book also claims to rescue Monroe's "final months from the realm of wild and sensationalized allegations popularized by those who sought to gain from them."

There are a lot of theories surrounding Monroe's death – including the lurid idea that the Kennedy family actually had her murdered. This book – and by extension, the series – hopes to put these wild tales to rest.

"Marilyn Monroe is an enigmatic icon whose multifaceted life continues to inspire and intrigue us," said Katie Jones of Authentic Brands Group. "She was a trailblazer who forged her own path, during a time when women's voices were often ignored and silenced. It is the perfect time to tell her iconic story as the challenges she faced are still prevalent in women's lives today."

The show "will chronicle the turbulent final months of Monroe's life, leading up to her death in 1962. It will follow her at a time when she found herself caught between warring factions of the Mafia, the Kennedy political dynasty and the Hollywood elite, including her dealings with Peter Lawford, who's believed to be the last person to speak to Monroe before her death Aug. 5, 1962." That synopsis sounds a bit more...sensationalized than the book, but here's hoping it doesn't stray too far from the source material.

Seven Seas Films co-founder Dan Sefton said:

"Many people think they know the truth about Marilyn Monroe's final months, but it's a complicated and tragic story; one which we want to depict with compassion and sensitivity. It's fantastic to be partnering with 101 Studios and ABG on the next stage of development, and we can't wait to bring Marilyn to life."

This isn't the only Monroe-themed project on the horizon. There's also Andrew Dominik's Blonde, which is a fictionalized take on Monroe's life starring Ana de Armas.