'Altered Carbon' Season 2 Teaser: Anthony Mackie Is Done Chasing After Ghosts

Takeshi Kovacs is back, and he's ready to stop chasing his ghosts. The former soldier turned investigator returns in the second season of Netflix's Altered Carbon, wearing yet another body. After Joel Kinnaman played the character originally depicted by Will Yun LeeAnthony Mackie is taking over as Takeshi Kovacs in Altered Carbon season 2. Watch the Altered Carbon season 2 teaser below.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Teaser

"This is a ghost story," Mackie narrates as Takeshi Kovacs, dropping his voice down an octave and adding a growl to his delivery. "Technology has conquered death... But if you chase after your ghosts, you just might become one."

The teaser comes with flashes of new footage of the second season, which returns to Netflix this month, two years after the Laeta Kalogridis-created sci-fi series first premiered on the streaming service in February 2018. But it's very much a teaser, with not many details revealed about the plot of Altered Carbon season 2. We do know the second season features another cast-shuffling body-swap plot, with the Avengers: Endgame star becoming the new body for Takeshi Kovacs, the lone surviving soldier in a group of elite interstellar warriors who was tasked with solving his own murder in season 1.

The second season will also feature Simone Missick as Trepp, Dina Shihabi as Dig 301, Torbin Liebrecht as Colonel Ivan Carerra, James Saito as Tanaseda Hideki, Renee Elise Goldsberry as Quellcrist Falconer and Chris Conner as Poe.

Altered Carbon season 2 premieres on Netflix on February 27, 2020.

More than 300 years in the future, society has been transformed by new technology, leading to human bodies being interchangeable and death no longer being permanent. Takeshi Kovacs is the only surviving soldier of a group of elite interstellar warriors who were defeated in an uprising against the new world order. His mind was imprisoned for centuries until impossibly wealthy businessman Laurens Bancroft offers him the chance to live again. Kovacs will have to do something for Bancroft, though, if he wants to be resurrected. Bancroft's request of Kovacs is to solve a murder — Bancroft's. "Altered Carbon" is based on Richard K. Morgan's cyberpunk noir novel of the same name.