'Bad Boys 4' Is Already In The Works

Even though it took a very long time to get Bad Boys For Life, AKA Bad Boys 3, off the ground, there are already plans for Bad Boys 4. Sony is said to be developing the project with hopes that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return for yet another outing as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. Is there anything even left to say in this franchise? Maybe not. But Sony is going to try anyway.

THR has the scoop on Bad Boys 4, reporting that Chris Bremner, one of the writers of Bad Boys For Life, is attached to handle the script. Sony had a hell of a time getting Bad Boys for Life off the ground, running through several different scripts and directors, so it's interesting that they feel confident enough to move forward with this.

It's also a bit of a bummer because while there's room for a potential sequel at the end of Bad Boys for Life, the movie also does a pretty good job of wrapping up the storylines of Mike and Marcus. To keep it going after that feels a bit like beating a dead horse. But hey, I had severe doubts that Bad Boys for Life would turn out well, but I ended up enjoying the film very much. As I wrote in my review:

What makes Bad Boys for Life, the third and presumably final chapter in this series, so special is the jettisoning of the first two elements while embracing the third. Bay is no longer in the director's chair, and the overall nastiness – which was ramped up to the nth degree in Bad Boys II – is nowhere to be found. But that interplay between Smith and Lawrence is ever-present, and endlessly entertaining.

Mike and Marcus even talk about how this adventure is their last ride multiple times in the film, and the marketing has been playing up a "one last time" angle. But all of that was before Bad Boys for Life ended up garnering surprisingly positive reviews across the board. Sony obviously feels emboldened by this, and want to keep things going.