Amazon Announces 'Citadel,' A Spy Series From The Russo Brothers Starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra [TCA 2020]

Amazon announced a then-untitled series from Joe and Anthony Russo in 2018. By 2019 they revealed it was a spy show with international spinoffs in the local language. Now called Citadel, Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios, announced two stars of the series. 

Richard Madden and Priynaka Chopra star on Citadel

So far, the stars of Citadel have been Joe and Anthony Russo. This is an ambitious project with which they're using their Marvel clout to try something new in television. Of course, there will be stars in front of the camera and Salke announced the two leads of Citadel."We're excited to share news this morning that stars Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra have come aboard as the leads of this groundbreaking new show," Salke said.Madden is no stranger to sprawling epics, having starred on Game of Thrones. Amazon hasn't actually confirmed whether Citadel is modern day or not. Since they are using actual locations, we can confirm it is set in the real world, not Westeros. Chopra got some espionage experience by working on ABC's Quantico.

They’re gearing up to shoot Citadel

After talking about Citadel or "the Untitled Russos Project" for so long, they're finally ready to shoot. After all, the Russos have been a bit busy directing Marvel movies, a job that just ended seven months ago. "Production will be underway this summer," Salke said. Still no word on when we'll see it, but filming this year probably means sometime in 2021.

Amazon adds Mexico to Citadel international spinoffs

Amazon previously announced international spinoffs set in in Italy and India. Now they've added a Mexican iteration. So that's four shows in development at the launch of Citadel."It will also include several creatively aligned but standalone local originally productions that can enhance the experience of engaging the show, Italy, India and Mexico included just to get started," Salke said. "These shows are already underway being executed by some of the top talented creators from each of these territories, many who have been running some of our successful overseas series."Amazon hasn't offered many more details about the Citadel spinoffs, but it doesn't sound like Chopra and Madden would star in all of them. They're talking about local productions which would also entail local stars. Perhaps the American Citadel would cross over, though."The idea is to create a truly global action-packed spy series," Salke said. "It's a totally innovative multi-faceted international approach to storytelling. I know I talked about this two TCAs ago but to finally have news on it is exciting for us."