Exclusive 'Lucy In The Sky' Clip Delves Into Noah Hawley's Feature Directorial Debut

Noah Hawley has made his bones in TV, but he recently made his feature directorial debut with Lucy in the Sky, a drama starring Natalie Portman as a troubled astronaut. Lucy in the Sky is now on digital, and to coincide with the home media release, we're debuting an exclusive clip that goes behind-the-scenes of the film with Portman and other cast members talking about Hawley's work.

Lucy in the Sky Clip

In Lucy in the Sky, "After star astronaut Lucy Cola (Portman) earns a coveted spot on a NASA mission, she's moved by the transcendence of being in space. But when she returns to Earth, her everyday life feels too small. Soon, she engages in a reckless love triangle that threatens her career and her sanity." The film is inspired by the true story of astronaut Lisa Nowak.

In his feature directorial debut, Noah Hawley brings some of the stylistic tricks he's used on his TV shows – like a shifting aspect ratio – to the proceedings. In the clip above, stars Natalie Portman, Dan Stevens, and Jon Hamm talk about what it was like to work with Hawley, and why he was the right person to direct Lucy in the Sky.

A full list of special features included with the digital release can be seen below. Curiously enough, it appears that Lucy in the Sky is receiving a digital-only release – there's no talk of a Blu-ray. So if you're a fan of physical media, you're out of luck.

  • Deleted Scenes:
  • "Lucy Teaches"
  • "Mark Takes Lucy to the Roof"
  • "Lucy Leaves Erin in the Simulator"
  • "Lucy and Iris Get Pulled Over"
  • Director's Journey
  • Creating Magical Realism
  • Making Space
  • Lucy Cola