'Antlers' Trailer: Keri Russell Deals With A Creepy Kid And An Even Creepier Monster

Time for one final trailer for Antlers, the incredibly creepy-looking new horror film from director Scott Cooper and producer Guillermo del ToroKeri Russell plays a teacher who discovers one of her students has a secret involving some sort of bone-crunching, goo-dripping monster that may or may not be the Wendigo. Watch the final Antlers trailer below.

Antlers Trailer

It's a little weird that we're getting the final trailer for a film that's not due out until April, but here we are. After two previous looks at the film, this final Antlers trailer gives us more info on what to expect from Scott Cooper's horror flick. The film is based on the short story The Quiet Boy (which you can read here), written by Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca. Antosca's story doesn't explicitly delve into the legend of the Wendigo, a supernatural being from Native American Algonquian tribe folklore. But it looks like the movie is leaning heavily into that – there's lots of folklore talk in this trailer, and I'm almost positive you can hear someone say "Wendigo" during a scene with chanting.

In Antlers, "a small-town Oregon teacher (Keri Russell) and her brother (Jesse Plemons), the local sheriff, discover that a young student (Jeremy T. Thomas) is harboring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences." Graham Greene, Scott Haze, Rory Cochrane, and Amy Madigan also star. This is Scott Cooper's first full-blown horror film, and based on this trailer, it looks like he's really taken to the genre. "[Guillermo] said I've obviously never seen you direct a horror film, but there's a lot of horrific moments in your movies, so I'm more interested in someone who doesn't work in that genre to step into it," Cooper said. The director also added he was "influenced early on by the work of John Carpenter, like Halloween, or certainly The Exorcist which is a favorite of mine, or even Tarkovsky's Stalker. So I'm able to bring all of that into one film which is exciting."

Antlers opens April 17, 2020.